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Some fans of FTISLAND have called for Choi Jong Hoon to be removed from the band following his recent controversy.

FT Island Choi Jong-hoon fans are leaving the focus statement with a statement. 

On the 13th, FT Island's Ju-hoon accident was reportedly allegedly filed by the police in an attempt to shake up the incident, and FNC Entertainment, a subsidiary of the company, announced its stance. 

FNC said, "Jung Jong-hoon confirmed the fact that he received a fine of 2.5 million won and a 100-day license suspension after he was arrested in Itaewon, Seoul, in Feb. 2016. However, I confirmed that I did not make any request through the media or the police like today's report about the police adherence. " 


"I think that Jong-hoon is a member whose face is not known to much at that time. He told me that he regretted that he made a mistaken judgment by failing to notify his agency to go over quietly." However, I have confirmed through my own that I have not made any requests through the media or the police. " 

So Ji-hoon also said he would stop the activities. "We feel deeply guilty about our past wrongdoings and have been disappointed by many people around us, and we are also deeply reflecting on the damage that we have done to our team," said FNC. "And when all the research is done I will stop my activities as an FT Island member as well as my personal activities scheduled for until the end. "

Nevertheless, fans have been disappointed by the fact that they acted as the leader and eldest brother of the FT Island. 


On this day, the FT Island Gallery, which is an online community, has strongly demanded the withdrawal of Jung Jun-hoon. "Since FNC Entertainment and Jong-Hun have not taken any practical steps to solve the current situation of rumors and injustices against FT Island and other members after the incident of the member has been reported," they said, "I am still in silence." 

After criticizing Jong-Hoon for suspicion of crime, he speculated that he illegally filmed illegal images as a person included in the chat room of KakaoTalk group. FT Island Gallery said, "Despite knowing that illegal images of various women were filmed and circulated in the controversial dungeon, it was apparently a criminal act, "We have forgotten our role as a singer and public official, and have caused social controversy, which has left the same member at the center of controversy, and has caused the brand value and image of FT Island and FNC Entertainment to be lost." 


"We are still in silence at the present moment, which has been identified as a member of the Dandong Room, the center of controversy, and we have continued to act forgotten our duty as an official, Twisted.

Nevertheless, the gallery member Il-dong, who condemned Choi Jong-hoon, who condemned Choi Jong-hoon for "making silence without any words, rather than sincere apology and reflection," said Choi Jong-hoon's illegitimate fact is that police investigation will reveal the fate, but with social recognition of sex crimes.

In this situation, she can not accept and consume the activities of Jong - hoon. Also, if Choi Jong-hoon is left, it will not be possible to tolerate the strike that FT Island receives and the image of other members. " 

"We are expecting a lot of damage in the future, and our FT Island Gallery is strongly calling for the exit of the member Choi Jong Hoon, not on March 13, 2019".