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Son Seung Won tried to avoid getting blamed for his behavior

the actors charged with unlicensed drunk hit-and-run accidents Son Seung-won (28) "drove forward hwiga" said at the time of the accident until the police turned out to be a false statement. 
According to the KBS News, on the 7th, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on April 4 applied Son SeungWon's allegation of drunk driving and unlicensed driving under the Road Traffic Law, He was sent to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor 's Office in a state of arrest. 

During this process, the police caught up with the situation in which Son Seung - won attempted to conceal his drunk driving. 

Sohn Seung-won refused to measure the police drinking alcohol right after the accident, saying that he did not drive to the police and that the musical actor Jung Woo, who was a passenger, drove. However, in the witness statement and CCTV, Son Seungwon confirmed that he got off the driver's seat. 

Jeong Hwi also said, "'(Son Seung-won) asked me that I was driving instead of being punished severely this time. It was difficult to reject. " 

The police sent the prosecutor 's allegations against Suk - hwi' s alimony driving to the prosecutor 's office. When Seungwon says that he will call the driver, he suddenly sees Seungwon on the steering wheel, and because Jeongwi is curtailing the driver, it is hard to see him driving the car. 
A police officer explained, "Son Seungwon is the senior driver, and the accident occurred in about a minute after the driver (Jeongwi) was not able to actively stop."

Son Seung - won, driving his father 's own Mercedes Benz car at 4:20 am on December 26 last year, made a traffic accident on the road near Cheongdam - dong, Gangnam - gu, Seoul. Son Seung Won 's blood alcohol level was 0.206% at the time of the seizure, and Son Seung - won had already caught the steering wheel with his license canceled. 

In addition, Son Seung-won has been drinking alcohol for three times in the past, and although he had been investigated for similar drinking accident a while ago, he had been drinking alcohol again and was escaped from the scene. Son Seung-won won the disgrace of being an entertainer No. 1 who applied the Yoon Chang-ho law. 
Son Seung Won debuted in 2009 with the musical "Spring Awakening", and appeared in "The Day Says" and "Headwig" and solidified his position as a musical actress. Son Seung Won, who widened her career to an outdoor theater through KBS2 drama 'Drama Special - Different Cry' in 2014, showed her face to the public through 'Youth Age' series and 'Warakata Cha Waikiki'. I put in front of military enlistment.