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Song Yoon-ah returns to the house with 'Secret Mother' in two years

Actress Song Yoon Ah will come to the house theater in two years as 'Secret mother'.

According to the company 's Snowball Entertainment, Song Yoon - a has decided to appear on the SBS weekend special drama' Secret Mother 'scheduled to be broadcasted in May.
'Secret Mother' is a Warman Mystery thriller drama depicting the story of a surrogate mother entering the home of a woman who has a secret in her child's death. The two women who keep their secrets are going to go to the center of their own life, not just 'mom', going through friendship and crisis to see if they are comrades.


Especially, I am expecting them to handle the new coined word 'surrogate mother', which means the nanny '
Song Yoon-a is the perfect psychiatrist who plays the role of a former psychiatrist "Kim Yun-jin" who devotes himself to child education with every plan. Song Yoon-ae's 'Kim Yoon-jin' is a person who is attracted to everyone by his marital harmony and affinity, unlike the simple and sophisticated appearance. In order to forget the guilty feeling of her daughter's death as an incident in the drama, she plays the "Gangnam Rising Heart", a question of extreme devotion to the family and the son.

In 2016, TVN 'THE K2' has proved her presence as a hit with the good and evil in the past. Through her work, Song Yoon-ah is expected to catch up with the charisma and maternal love.
Song Yoon-a said, "I am glad and glad to participate in good works. I will do my best to make a good work that meets the expectation of viewers together with the director, the staff, the staff and the fellow actors. "