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Sunye may be gearing up for her entertainment industry return!

Sunye from Wonder Girls will find a new company and return to the entertainment industry. 
According to multi-media officials on the afternoon of the 7th, Seonye is expected to start full-fledged activities with a new nest in Polaris Entertainment. 

Sunye is currently planning various activities, and there are some programs that have already started filming. 

Previously, Sunye made his debut as a group Wonder Girls in 2007 and was greatly loved. In January of 2013, he married a Canadian and missionary, James Park, and settled in Canada. 

Sunye, who had a great interest in resolving marriage at a relatively young age, has now become the mother of two children. Through SNS, I have been constantly communicating with my fans through the release of natural everyday photos. 

In the beginning of this year, he appeared in the comprehensive channel JTBC 'Gentiles' and made his family life happy with his family in Canada