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Suzy expressed her gratitude for Lee Young Ah’s support coffee truck!

Suzy has certified her best sister Lee Young-a's coffee tea gift. 


On the 7th, Susie released an authentic photograph of her latest instru- ment, "URUNNI is the best! 

In the photo, Lee is taking a shots shot in front of a snack car presented by Lee Young-a during the drama 'Bye-Bond' shooting. Suzy's cute amorous pose makes her fans sober. 

In another recent post, Suzy thanked Park Hye Ryun, the scriptwriter for “While You Were Sleeping,” for also sending a coffee truck. Along with the photo, she included a caption that says, “#GodHyeRyun #GodChoongHwan I love you!! Hong Joo has quit being a reporter and has turned into a National Intelligence Service agent.”


On the other hand, Suzi plays a lead role with Lee Seung - gi in the drama 'BIGA BOND', a drama about the process by which a man involved in a civilian airliner crash digs up a giant national corruption found in hidden truth. 


“Vagabond” is about an ordinary man who becomes involved in an investigation into a mysterious plane crash and subsequently begins to look into the country’s deep corruption. Suzy will be playing the role of a National Intelligence Service agent as one of the main leads with Lee Seung Gi.