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The 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards celebrated the network’s biggest stars in television and radio from the past year!

Lee Seung-ki won the grand prize at the SBS '2018 SBS Entertainment Grand Prize' broadcasted on the afternoon of the 28th. 

Park Soo-hong and Kim Jong-gook, who are in charge of the 'Entertainment Grand Prize', started the stage with the 'Twist King' joint stage. I choreographed the song and opened the door with a festive atmosphere, and HGO appeared with her husband, Shin Youngsoo. 


The first prize of the first prize and the first prize of the new rookie was 'Deaconess Deity' and 'Burning Youth'. Sang-yoon said, "It's amazing. I did not think that I could perform, but I was awarded to the award ceremony and to the award. He told me that an acquaintance knew the character well. I realized that my brothers are making me look like that. I am grateful that I have received three people because I think I got it. " Kang Kyung Heon also said that he had a pleasant year thanks to the 'burning youth'.  

Zea and Cheta of 'My Way' won the mobile icon. Jia said tearfully after the award, and said the award testimony. "We have been talking about strange and uncomfortable things," said Cheetah. "We will make programs with the right direction and the right ideas."


The Best Entrepreneur Award, in which six candidates hit each other, was honored by 'Mi Woo' Im Won Hee and 'Invisible' Imwonhee immediately after the award "I dared 'Miu bird' two times I refused," he said, "but thank you for looking pretty. I will work hard until I do. " Gubon Seung was the "burning youth" and immediately after the award, "It seems to have won the biggest prize since it was received in SBS in 1994," he said with gratitude, "I do not have my brother or sister who loves and cares because it is a shooting day.  

The best MC award was Kim Sook-ju of 'Alley Restaurant' and 'Kim Sook Lee of' Sang-e-mong 2 '. Kim Sung Joo and Kim Sook won the first prize at SBS. The Hot Star of the Year award was given by Bae Jong Nam. "I love you so much this year and I do not know how to do it," Bae said. Jun Hye-bin, who went to the South Pole with 'Jungle's Law' expressed his enthusiasm for receiving the Best Challenger award.  

The heroine in the best family was Soo Hyun and the humanist of " The crew kept crying and left the impression of the prize and laughed. "I have been 18 years since I debuted as a public official, but I have never received awards for acting. My parents say they want to see me once, but they will. It is so good to hear that you are getting married. "  


This year's program was 'The Ugly Kid'. Kwak Seung-young PD said, "I am shy and embarrassed when I see that it is the best performing arts in the world." But, "I want to try as much as I can today" expressing gratitude to the performers, the production team and the family.  

The couple who were nominated for Best Couple Award were Lee Kwang Su and Jeon Sang Min of 'Running Man', Hong Jin Young and Kim Jong Kook of Miu Bir, and Seo Jang Hoon and Kim Gura of 'Dong Sang I Mong 2'. Lee Kwang-soo, Jeon Sang-min, Hong Jin-young and Kim Jong-guk were not related. After a fierce competition, Kim Jong Kook and Hong Jin Young won awards. Kim Jong Kook said, "It is hard for a female entertainer to have such a concept. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thanks to Hong Jin-young, "he said. Hong Jin Young and Kim Jong Kook embraced each other after completing the award testimony.  

Running for 10 years, 'Running Man' won the Best Teamwork Award. All of the 'Running Man' members, including Seok Sejin, came on stage together and received awards. The New Stiller Award was won by a big success as a "Horizontal Channel" and "Ugly Cub." Victory, "SBS Entertainment Pilot only when you write it, and for the first time fixed it was awarded a prize, the big bangs are living in the army, I have been rewarded that I did not feel the gap in the big bang. I want to play that. I want to make people happy with a true attitude. Please wait for the Big Bang comeback. Big Bang Forever ". 

The popular award was Lee Kwang-soo, a Korean-style star, Running Man. Lee Kwang-soo says, "I am trying to give a healthy laugh, but I am short of mistakes. In 2019, I will do my best to give you a healthy laugh. "  


Impression of the award winners was impressive. So Hyun, Lee Sang-min, Jo Boa, and Nursery as a prize winner. Sangmin said that she was happy that her mother's illness was cured. As soon as Soi-Hyun talked about the award testimony, Sohyeon said, "There was a reaction to why I was married for the first time." I wanted to show you how warm and good you are. I thank my husband for being here. "  

The Grand Prize was Yang Shi-hyeong and Jeon Sang-min. "I want to say thank you to my father who is protecting me and my mother who loves me. There is nothing you can do alone. Why am I laughing when I did not do that? It seems to me that the producers are good. I promised to do my best in 2019, but I will give you a bigger laugh than that. " "I have really made my sisters and brothers very good to me. Thank you to the members of our agency and the 'Running Man' crew. Thank you very much, "he repeatedly expressed appreciation.  

The performers selected by SBS producers were Kim Jong Kook who played in 'Ugly Kid' and 'Running Man'. Kim Jong Kook won the Best Couple Award, followed by 2 won. Kim Jong Kook said, "I like people who are good at family. I am grateful that Shin Dong-yeop and Seo Jang-hoon will do well when my mother takes a picture. All the good things that were born were thanks to my mother. I also thank my father. "  


Lee won the prize over the top candidates. Lee Seung-gi said, "It seems to be the most exciting time to dream. I feel the weight of the object, the image is heavy. This award is not received by my ability. Yoo Jae-seok, Shin Dong-yeop, Kang Ho-dong What I learned over the shoulder from the side did not let me lose my solid flesh. It was next to the seniors who were too good. It is a prize that all the pastors who appeared in 'Deaconess Deity' received. It is the sole target for the first time. 

Congratulations to all the winners!