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The 5th Korean Film Producers Association Awards has announced its winners ahead of the upcoming ceremony.

The Korean Film Festival Writers Association selected winners and winners in 15 categories before the 5th Korea Film Festival Writers Association Awards 1987 (Production Friendship Film / Director Jung Jun-hwan) was selected for the award and screenplay award at the 5th Korean Film Festival Writers Association, based on a true story. 

Director Sang-ryeong went to Little Forest, a filmmaker who directed the scenery of beautiful four seasons in Korea, and a message of comfort to the audience. 


The winners were selected by actors who showed a completely different acting style. In the actor's reminiscence, 'The Mistress Murder' (Production Film 295, Blossom Pictures / Director Kim Tae-gyun), who gave birth to a unique killer character who confesses further murder in prison, Han, Ji-min won the film. 

The actor's best actor is AnSi-Seong (Studio Productions, Studio Antique, Motive Rap / Director Kim Kwang-sik), who has completed his character and has a definite presence. I got back to Jin Seo-yeon (film production / director Hae-young). 

As a prize winner for the film (Choi Min-min), Hwang Sang-Soo (Yoo Seok-Mun), and the Art Prize (Park Il-Hyun), the 'Duke', a filmmaker who has realistically expressed the charm of the stylish, I won the royal prize. The movie 'Seokjeon' also won two awards in the editorial award (Yang Jin-mo) and the music award (Dalphalan). The audiovisual film is composed of two films: 'Visualize' with 'God - Sin and Bee' with 'God' (Produced by Realize Pictures, Dexter Studio / Director Kim Yonghwa) Visual Effects To Jin Jonghyun. 

On the other hand, the award ceremony of the 5th Korean Film Festival Writers Association sponsored by the Korea Film Festival Writers Association and supported by the KTH and the Film Promotion Committee will be held at the Korea Press Center on December 18 at 7 pm.