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'The Banker' Ahn Yu-yeon plays an active role in uncovering bank corruption as Kim Sang-jung's strong support for the Bank of Korea's K-Man.

'The Banker' is the first office in the Bank of Korea.

It is a financial office investigation that reveals the corruption cases of the organization along with the staffs of the ' Kim Sang-jung, Chashira, and Deng Keun, who are actors of the three Korean actors, are expected to join together.


Expected new actors such as An Yeo-yeon, Shin Do Hyun and Cha In Ha are joining and raise their expectations.

It is the son of a master of the princess famous King Kangbu restaurant owner. Vogel's mother is considered to be the three most proud of Park Chan-ho and Princess Pak, but her partner Bogal is a passionate manpower banker who dreams of a successful life in a big city. 


Although the girl seems to be somewhat irrelevant, she is planning to play with her thanksgiving granddaughter who is digging into the corruption of the bank. In the middle of the street in the public photos, Bo Gul is poised to pursue something that Daeho points to, or has a passionate telephone conversation. 

Ahn Yeo-yeon, who is expected to have a breath of fantasy with Kim Sang-jung of Daeho Station, introduced the character as "a banker who has a passion and enthusiasm, though he can think of it as cute and grim." 



Also, after choosing a puppy with a hashtag that expresses a girl, I grinned with a smile saying, "I follow the gratitude of my grandfather and listen to me with gratitude." Ahn said, "My senior is so good at acting so that I can take what he has done," expressed his gratitude. He said, "I eat it to relieve stress, I have a diet again and it seems to be stressful and repetitive." 

The bank office, which is headed by Kim Sang-jung, Chashira, Duck-Keun and Kim Tae-woo, is expected to perform on the 27th, Wednesday, It is scheduled to be broadcast.