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“The Crowned Clown” has released individual posters of Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Se Young, and Kim Sang Kyung as their drama characters

'The man who became king' Jeju-ku - Lee Se-young - Kim Sang-kyung's character poster is open to the public. In particular, intense copying and meaningful eyes in the poster amplify tension. TVN's New Moon TV drama 'The Man Who Became King' (Play Kim Sun-duk / Director Kim Hee-won / Production Studio Dragon) opens up a spectacular episode of TVN in coming 2019. The King (Ye Jin-gu) is more like a twin to escape his life- A story of a clown (jinjugu) in the palace. 

Among them, the 'King of the Man' side has released four character posters of Yejinjin (Hae Sun / Lee Heon 1 in 2) - Lee Sei Young (Yoo Soon) and Kim Sang Kyung (Lee Kyu). 

First of all, a provocative copy of the poster "In the bottom of the clown of jingjin-gu," Let's go to the bigger version if you hope, and die if you can not! The clown down the line with the back of the coat and the red coat of the coat. In his smile, a clown like a freezer reveals a coward face that will inflate the hot heat. Above all, the clown who does not have a fearfulness will amplify the anticipation that it will cause a blue in the palace. On the other hand, Jingjin-gu transforms 180 degrees into a dangerous king, 'Lee Hun,' a clown of a hot soul, and attracts attention. "I want to find a way to protect me. Before I really go crazy ..." I feel the anxiety of Wang Yi-hun, who is threatened with his life in a copy. In particular, Wang Yiheon, who is sitting on the table, is staring at someone with his bruised eyes while frowning over his mistress. I wonder what the threatening situation to King Lee-heon is. 

Afterwards, a character poster of "Yoo Soonun", a medium-sized act played by Lee Se-young, is released and captivates the attention. Heavyweight Yu Yu-nun is a neat figure who gazes at someone with patience. In the appearance of heavy gun Yu Sung who endures the tears which seem to be bursting out even in a moment, though the outer surface is unreasonable, the deep solid heart which is entrusted is vividly drawn, and the expectation comes out. Also, he reveals his inner voice, "Now, I have been charmed by his majesty," and the place where his heart is heading leads to the curiosity of the King Yiheon Ida, the vastness. 


 On the other hand, Kim Sang - kyung plays Lee Gyu - gyu at the starting point of unpredictable events in the palace to the royal court. The proposal to overthrow the version of "I will become a real king and dream a new world with me" in the publicly advertised poetry poster is raising the tension in the palace. Most of all, Lee Ji-gyu's poignant posture, which does not hesitate to give a direct impression, is highlighted among the top-ranking scholars, raising his curiosity about where his heart will go. This is how a four-kind character poster of Lee Hun-Hae-Yoo So-woon-Lee Gyu, who must survive in a dangerous palace from King to the clown of the 'King of Man', gives a powerful impact, It gives a lot of curiosity. 


On the other hand, tvN New Moon TV drama 'The Man Who Became King' is a new historical drama that opens the first episode of tvN in 2019 as a remake work based on the ten thousand movie 'Kwanghae'. It will be the first airing at 9:30 pm on January 7, 2019.