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The cast of MBC’s “The Item” shared their thoughts as the drama came to an end.

Fantasy Blockbuster MBC Wolh Miniseries 'Items' (a play by Jung In-do, directed by Kim Sung-wook), which contains people's good will and aspirations, is about to be broadcasted on the final day of the show today (2 days). 

Joo Ji Hoon, Jean Seon Yeon, Kim Kang Woo, and Kim Yong Lee, who laughed and laughed together in the raging events, conveyed their feelings filled with gratitude for viewers before the end. 


In order to save his nephew Dyne (Shin Lina), who is more precious than his life, Joo Ji-hoon, who took all of his own things and dived deep into the conspiracy and secrets surrounding the items. "Thank you to all the viewers who gave us the beginning and the end of the work," said the audience. He also left a meaningful message: "I'd like to see Ganggong with tenacity instead of giving up, and viewers will not lose a message of hope." 

Jin Se-yeon of Shin So-young played an active role as a profiler with cool judgment and excellent ability. "It was a long filming period and only the last broadcast was left. It was so much fun to be able to spend the cold winter with So Young" He said. I also want to say thank you to the viewers who watched our drama 'from the beginning to the end.' "He added," I want you to join us until the last broadcast. "



Kim Kang-woo has created a life character by digging up the next-generation young entrepreneur and the Absolute Sosio Pass Jose Huang Station with horrifying smoke. 

"After a long journey of about 5 months, the end came to my nose, though it was a bad villain, but it seemed like I had met Joe Hwang Hwang and had a lot of fun." Also, I did not forget to say, "I would be grateful if you could watch the end of the confrontation between JangShang and GangGong." 


I wanted to be a prosecutor to help the world stand up, but Kim Yu-ri of Han-yu and the station, who became a taxpayer's trick-or-master and crossed the border between good and evil, said, "All the actors and staff of the 'item' that ran together from the chilly autumn to the warm spring I want to express my gratitude to many people who work together. " "I've always been cheering for Yuna and I wanted her to go the right way again and I'm glad to show her the beliefs and justice she had in her heart. I will greet you with a good work. " 

'Item' today (2 days) 10:00 pm MBC last broadcast.