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The cast of tvN’s weekend drama “Lawless Lawyer” showed their passion for acting on the set of their drama.

TVN TV drama 'Lawless Lawyer' (Kim Jin-min / Directed by Yoon Hyun-ho) will be held on July 24th at the same time as Lee Jun Ki (Bongsang Phil) - Calligraphy (Ha Ja Lee) - Lee Hye Young (Cha Moon Sook) Anoju station) to reveal photographs behind the scenes. 

Lee Jun Ki - Calligraphy - Lee Hyeyoung - Choi Minsoo in the public photos attracts attention with his appearance in the hands of the script. Lee Jun Ki is in the middle of rehearsal. His emotional, gestural, and ambivalent poetry is passionate enough to reassure him. 
Especially, the script filled with post-it and highlighter feels enthusiastic about his acting. Let's take a glimpse of the fact that there is a driving force in the script that drives viewers' compliments and causes "sickness" by acting in a trance that goes back and forth between comics, action, and romance every time. 

Calligraphy is filled with scripture as if you will not miss a single fingerprint. I am concentrating on the scenario that I did not care about in the midst of a messy preparation for shooting. The calligraphy reveals her willingness to not spend the time between filming, such as reading and reading the script every time she wakes up, making her future activities more exciting.

In addition, Lee Hye-young, who is full of charisma even in the eyes looking at the script, attracts attention. From the rehearsal to the tea munsuk with an intense presence, I can feel the aura that can not be met in the middle of the play. Lee Hye-young shows that every scene shows perfect emotion and is becoming a symbol of everyone in the scene. 

In particular, Choi Min Soo, who is listening to a tape recorder, captures his gaze. Choi Minsoo has heard that he speaks native language through Anoju character in the play. 

Choi Minsoo has been studying various aspects to build a realistic dialect and Choi Min-soo's main character, such as searching a documentary dealing with a local background or recording the pronunciation of a teacher's voice in order to speak the perfect dialect tone, to be. 

The filmmakers of 'lawyer lawyers' said, "Lee Jun Ki - calligraphy - Lee Hye Young - Choi Min Soo are all strong actors in Korea, but they are actively filming actors as soon as they arrive." " It is also helping to cheer up the morale of the staff and to make the film more lively and full of fighting. " 

On the other hand, netizens have various social networking sites and portal sites, "I feel the passion of four actors", "I wait for the weekend. Drama is so funny, "and" unbreakable action is cool. Lee Jun Ki seems to have met a drama that fit well "and so on. It broadcasts every Saturday and night at 9:00 pm.