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The group Mamamoo successfully completed a 17-day comeback with the new song "Gogo Bebe".

Mamamoo finished the gogobebe, the title song of the 9th mini album 'White Wind' after the SBS music program 'Popular Song', which was broadcast on March 31st. 

Mamamoo, who was back on the 14th of last month, showed good performances in music, music, and music broadcasts with 'Gogo Bebe' and once again showed off the power of "Mamamoo (Mamamu). 

Let's take a look at the accomplishments of Mamamoo in 17 days in earnest. 


First of all, Mamamoo's "Gogo Bebe" stimulated the curiosity of the public with its title, which is the same as the preceding "You are what," " 'Go Go Bebe' means "Let's forget about hard work and play together," and it has become popular with both public and domestic music charts. 

The title of this new song is a good example of Mamamoo's revival. Mamamoo made use of the coined word to create a girl group prize that never existed with friendly charm. Here, based on excellent vocal ability and performance, the personality that corresponds to the trend of the age is equiped properly and added pleasantness. 

Second, Mamamoo showed off his overwhelming sound source power by sweeping up a major domestic music chart at the same time as his new album 'White Wind' was released. Not only in Korea but also overseas. 'Gogo Bebe' has been released and the song song charts of iTunes 21 countries in total TOP5 entered the topic.

This is the second highest score on the Billboard World Digital Song charts in the United States. Gogo Bebe has surpassed 1.5 million streams in the US last week, surging 396 percent. It has also entered the world album chart for two consecutive weeks, and it is the only Korean girl group that has attracted attention. 

Third, Mamamoo received music broadcasts from domestic and overseas sources, followed by music charts. Mamamoo started on SBS MTV 'The Show' last month, and started 'M Countdown', 'Show Champion', 'Music Bank', 'Show! Music center ', and' popular song '. Especially, in 'M countdown', it achieved the first place for two consecutive weeks. 

As a result, Mamamoo released his debut song "Mr. I will tell you what I'm about to say, "" The Starry Night, "" You and I, "" Wind Flower, "" Piano Man, "" Gogo Bebe 'to build a steady stream of 10 consecutive box office, and built a solid color of Mamma Maman. 

Netizens have various social networking sites and portal sites, "Mamamoo ♡ I also believe and listen", "I like this song was good too much," "Mamamu best! I'm looking forward to the concert. " 

On the other hand, Mamamoo will perform a solo concert at the Jangchung Gymnasium, 2019 MAMAMOO CONCERT '4Season F / W' 'will be held.