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The 'item' captures the moment when Professor Se-yeon and absolute Kim Kang-woo are confronted in a breathtaking confrontation.

In the last episode of MBC Woonhwa mini series 'Items' (Zenon Jungdo, Director Kim Sungwook), Shin So Young (Jean Seon Yeon) was the secretary of Yu Chul Woo (Kim Kangwoo)

I have found that my body is damaged and that, unlike my own will, the body exhibits symptoms that move spontaneously. Above all, more than 50 people in the last five years have seen this unusual symptom, strangely that there was a gap of six months and that it was precisely the same as when the taxpayer was in the jail. As the truth of the incident goes one step further, steel with the confrontation between Shin So - young and Kim Sang - hwang, who were released before the broadcast, is revealed today, exploding the tension. 


She is pointing a gun at her head and holding her arms around her. "I'll catch you. I hope to catch you. It is predicted that Shin So-young detected the crisis of Ganggong (Ji Ji-hoon) and visited the tax haven. 

In the past, Ganggon, who had escaped from prosecutors and police who had been waiting with the help of Shin So Young and Shin Gu-chul (Lee Dae Yeon) in the past broadcast, lost consciousness and lost the item bracelet in the wind of the cargo truck of Jose Huang.

For the item that you want to have until now, you have mercilessly removed the threats that threaten you. The situation that threatens the life of Shin Soo Young causes the person to sweat even more. In order to save a living person somewhere, it is because Shin Sang-young is the only person that Kanggon can trust and depend on. Even if the muzzle of the gun is still in the hands of holding the neck of Shin Soo-yong, Shin Soo-yong is trying to remove it. 

The crew said, "As the truth about the characters and the item mystery related to the Dream World fire disappeared little by little, today 's (11th) broadcast shows Shin So - young, who has traced the truth with Gang - gon It will be an outstanding episode, "he said." After the accident that happened to Ganggong, I hope you will look into Shin Sang-young's various accomplishments to overthrow the crisis by digging out the clues of Jose Huang's brutality. " 

On the other hand, netizens use various SNS and portal sites to say, "Jean-seon is very beautiful and performs well. Kangon and Counterattack are good, "" There is a sense of urgency in reversing the opposition, "and" Actors Chemie is too good. " 'Item', today (11th) at 10:00 pm MBC broadcast.