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The nominees for the film categories of the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards have been announced!

The 55th Baeksang Arts Grand Prize nominee for film was announced. 


On the 5th, the Secretariat of the BaekSang Arts Grand Prize has published the final candidate for each section of the film for the past year. 

In the final section of the film category, a variety of works that captured the performances or performances were named despite the cold evaluation of the audience. Though 10 million films are produced each year, the enthusiasm of the filmmakers is bright and the actors' sense of challenge is strong even in the situation where the overall atmosphere of the Korean movie recession is dominant. 

Among the more than 150 releases, the movie was awarded the Duke, Mitsubishi, Burning, Sabaha, and Murder Murder. The works that conveyed the intense message along with genre characteristics attracted attention. Director Sung Chul Kang ('Swing Kid'), director Yun Jong Bin ('Duke'), Lee Chang Dong ('Burning'), Lee Hae Young ('Attack') and Jang Jae Hyun ('Savha'). There is no disagreement that they are directors with their own distinctive colors. 


The best acting award category, which will be fiercely contested from the nomination of the candidates every year, was able to compete without any reason this year. As a result, the male division was decided as a candidate for Ryu Seung-ryong ('extreme profession') infant ('burning') Lee Sung-min ('duke') Jung Woo-sung ('witness') The women 's division is divided into three categories:' anger ('Yoo Gwan - Soon story') Kim Hyang Ki ('witness') Kim Hess - ) Kim Hee Ae ('Hurstory') Han Ji Min ('Mithbag') has penetrated the glory. The male section is familiar but not obvious, and the female section is notable for various age groups, ranging from teenagers to 50s.

The supporting actor section collected actors who represent Chungmuro. The best actress is Kim Joo Hyuk ('Attack'), Park Hae Joon ('Attack'), Stephen Yeon ('Burning'), Jo Woo Jin ('Drug King' The female actresses can meet in one place with Kwon Sohyeon ('Mitsubag') Hyeon-hyeon ('Witnesses') and Jin-Soo Cho ('Witches') Jin Seok Yeon 


I can only get once in my lifetime, and the more valuable new actor section is as competitive as any other division. Kim Young-kwang ('Your wedding') Nam Ju-hyeok ('Ansi-seong') Son Seok-gu ('Pepin') compete for one trophy. The woman new actor awarded the final title ('burning') to Kim Dae-mi ('witch') Lee Jae-in ('Sabahha') Lee Ju-young (' I can expect tears from the award testimony. 

Kim Seok-seok ('Sinful Girl') Director Shin Dong-seok ('Surviving Child') Lee Seok-Keun ('Your Wedding') Director Lee Jong- Birthday ') Lee Ji-won (' Mitsuba ') was missed. This year, the new directors' division is stronger than the directors who introduced low-budget independent films. 

This year, BaekSang Art Grand Prize has further strengthened the professionalism and fairness of the examination. A panel of experts representing TV and film nominated judges, and 7 judges from each division were commissioned. Prior to the process of judging the final candidates for each category, a total of 40 experts from the industry experts participated in the survey to expand the scope of the examination.


The film screening target is Korean feature film which was opened in Korea from April 1, 2018 to April 4, 2019. Candidates for the Newcomer Award nominee are a few casting awards in the work. Actors who appear in less than three actors (regardless of their debut year) The nominee for new director is based on the director who made his debut as a feature film during the screening period. 

Korea's only comprehensive art awards ceremony for TV and movies The award ceremony will be held at COEX D Hall in Seoul on May 1 at 9:00 pm.