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Three reasons why Terius Behind Me is a comedy drama that should be expected

Three reasons why Terius Behind Me is a comedy drama that should be expected

MBC's Terius Behind Me drama will begin airing its first episode tomorrow.

Recently, the cast of the movie talked about what to expect in the drama, and there are three reasons why you should not miss out.

1. So Ji Sub's comeback on the small screen after two years of absence, and he joined the cast of "real"
Terius Behind Me features famous actor So Ji Sub in the lead role. In addition, the cast also featured other notable names such as Jung In Sun, Son Ho Jun and Im Se Mi.

In particular, this is So Ji Sub's comeback after two years on the small screen. In this drama, he will be playing the former Kim Bon Special Agent and will definitely bring viewers an extremely charismatic performance.

In addition, Jung In Sun will play the mother's name Go Ae Rin, Son Ho Jun transformed into CEO but arrogant but extremely lovely, Im Se Mi plays the spy girl cold. With talented cast and characters, Terius Behind Me will surely make the audience anxious to wait.

2. The ingenious combination of comedy, romance and thrilling detective
This drama is not only the participation of talented casts but also the ingenious combination of thrilling thrills, humor, romantic feelings and contains the message of meaning and humanity.

The situations in the film will give the audience moments of tension and drama. So Ji Sub plays the former legendary spy, but also a normal father who must solve problems with his children like everyone else will surely create many comic situations and bring them to the audience. much laughter.

When Kim Bon's normal life is disturbed, his perception of the little joys in life creates a true story about spies but still contains warm family messages.

3. Interesting content about two people living in the same place but two different worlds

A high-ranking agent in the world of a mother, and a mother in the world of a spy - the combination of these two characters will surely bring laughter and surprise to the audience. . Watching two people try to find ways to survive in each other's world will be very interesting to the audience.

"We are two different people living in the same place, but there are two completely different worlds." - This statement makes viewers wonder where they are and what will happen to them. Questions will be answered when the film is aired.

Terius Behind Me will officially air on MBC at 10pm every Wednesday and Thursday from September 27th.