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Viewership ratings for both tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” and JTBC’s “SKY Castle” have soared to an all-time high!


"Alhambra Palace memories" audience rating has risen for two consecutive times. 

On the 5th, the TVN "Alhambra Palace Memories", which was broadcasted on TVN, recorded 9.4% of ratings. (Nielsen Korea, based on nationwide paid-for-platform households) rose 0.2% p from its previous broadcast (9.2%). 

Noteworthy is that the second consecutive rise is the first since the broadcast. 'Memories of the Alhambra Palace' was always higher than that of the odd times. I broke these rules and exceeded 9% in the odd sessions, expecting higher ratings. I am interested when I reach 10% who is approaching my eyes. 
'Memories of the Alhambra' is a drama about the story of a strange case involving an investment company representative visiting an old hostel in Granada, Spain. 

SKY Castle, the JTBC gold pole played on the 5th, recorded a 15.8% rating. (Nielsen Korea, based on nationwide paid-for-television households), up 2.5% p from last broadcast (13.3%). It is the highest audience rating of its own and the highest rating of the drama of JTBC. 
12.3 percent of the past 12 times, 'classy she' (12.1 percent) exceeded. Since then, 'SKY Castle' itself has become the highest audience rating of JTBC drama 's highest rating. 'SKY Castle' set up by the 'SKY Castle' is breaking the excitement of self-confrontation is spreading. As the development reaches its climax, the audience rating is also rising, showing an unstoppable rise. It is another point of observation to see where it will go forward in the remaining six. 

'SKY Castle' is a real comic satire that looks at the desperate desires of the wives of the famous women who want to raise their husbands as kings and their children as the first prince and the princess in the SKY castle where the top 0.1% of Korea live.