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What are the three tasks that Joo Ji-hoon should do?

The truth of the Dream World fire disaster was revealed and shocked the viewers by the confession of Dongyoung (Park Won Sang) and the past recollection of Jose Huang (Kim Kang Woo) in the MBC Woonhwa mini series 'item' 

At the time of the opening of the second film in full swing, Ganggon (Ji Ji-hoon), which the viewers cheering for, watched the mountain to cross.


#One. Stop Park's murder. 
Daewoo Lee (Park Won-sang) priest who has already committed six murders. He told Ganggon himself that he was a serial killer. And the Dream World fire disaster was concealed, manipulated, and offered to give all of his items if he helped with the plan. 

But Ganggon refused, saying that he would not seek the Daini for his help in murder, and that those who helped him would be judged by the law. Then, the driving spirit continued the plan alone. This is because they believe that their actions fulfill legal justice. But no more murder should be tolerated. Can Ganggon prevent his distorted justification from being realized? 

#2. Not to be caught, everyone to collect. 
Ganggon, designated as a suspect for serial murder by a vicious plan designed by Joseph Hwang. However, I chose to escape in order to revive Daein from the barrel of the room of my wish that I could go if I collected all the items with special powers. 

Meanwhile, Shin So-young (Jean Seon Yeon), who has helped Kangon in the meantime, has seen the criminal team help break-out Kim Jong-hak. And Joe sees everywhere on CCTV, and predicts the future through Polaroid, and is putting it into a breathtaking crisis every time. In this situation, can you take away the bracelets, polaroids, photo books and perfume that Joseo has? In addition, it is necessary to collect all the items that they own by turning the mind of the driving spirit, the vacation material, 

# 3. Counterattack for tax yellow.
Kanggong became aware that his father was unjustly identified as a criminal and that he had lost his life. Joseph Hwang is not a corrupt chaebol who has just left him to him, but it is the evil that caused his nephew Dain (Shin Lina) to die, who made him live with his father for the last 16 years. 

Besides, he reminded me of the time of the disaster and said, "Do not you want to be a fire again? Think about it. "How exciting was that," he said. It's always been a long time. In the 21-22 preliminary video, "We will win and we will try once to the end". The interest of viewers who have succeeded in vengeance, revenge success, and continue to develop the sideways is getting attention. 

'Item', MBC broadcast every 10th of every month on Monday.