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Yeo Jin Goo talked about His Friendship With BTS’s Jungkook And Park Bo Gum and his plans for the future

"Did you forget? Do you want to forget it? I'm sorry. I was going to forget, but I could not forget you. "(A scene of MBC drama 'The Year with the Sun' in 2012) Seven years ago, Ikhon, the young prince who confessed to the court, returned to King. A junior high school junior high school boy who has played Lee-hyeon has also grown into a twenties young man. He has received praise from viewers for acting in the TVN drama 'The King' s Man ', which was a decadent, dark tyrant, and a foolish king from a clown who has a warm heart.  


There were also few worries that Lee Byung-hun would be able to surpass Lee Byung-hun's second-person acting in the remake of the movie "Kwanghae, King of the Man" (2012), which has mobilized 10 million viewers.

However, he created his own king, completely different from Lee Byung - 

"When I first got a synopsis, it was a completely different story than I knew. It was a recreation of the story except for the existing setup to let the clown resemble the king's dragon. PD did not tell the original story. In the end, it shows a story that can not be forced to be a tyrant, but He has expressed his willingness to walk the king's path beyond identity. " 


Of course, the one-person two-way performance was not easy from the beginning. Unlike the usual drama that breathe with his opponent, 'The Man Who Became King' consists of one-man shows of OJR Yejin-gu. 

"I was wandering in the field because I was confused about the control of breathing of Lee and Lee," said Jae Jin-gu. "Fortunately, I was able to relieve myself after confirming that I was drawn like a different person in the one-time ending of the feeling that two people were hitting" did. It is surprising that the person who wants to be seen again in the middle of a mad young child and a gentle downward line.  

"Of course, Lee Hun is a hard person to postpone. It is possible to show acting suddenly and try to prove oneself excessively and try to prove oneself on the spot. But he had to control his feelings delicately and show him how to grow up and become an adult. Then I think I want to try again. " 


Director Hee-Won Kim The total trust of PD has helped Jeju-do to set Lee and Hae-sun's character on their own. Jejunghoo said, "Kim Hee-won PD said, 'Show me your acting,' rather than say, 'Why do not you do this?'" At first, I felt anxiety about what PD would do, but eventually, I know that I need to know how to do it. " "After all," the man who became king "is a work that shows beyond the praise the direction of life of actor," he expressed affection. 

Ye Jin - gu, who has acted as an actor for more than half of his life, is considered to be a successful adult actor in childhood. There was also a time when he wandered. In 2013, after receiving the new actor award in the Blue Dragon Film Prize for the film 'Whai'. He was 17 years old at the time. 

So he advises the young actors, "It is important to finish the actor 'I'," he advises.
"I grew desire to meet the expectation of many people. 
I tried to express something, but it was not what I wanted to do and it made my acting difficult and self-defeating. Sometimes I had a grudge against another person. Because it was such a difficult time, I was able to meet the work called 'The Man Who Became King' and to digest the role of Lee Hun and Yi Sun. "


"I should make people aware of me as a child actor, not as an adult actor, rather than in a spotlight as people come in and out of the mouth now. "We have to keep up with the ages." 

 The biggest hobby of the twenty-three youth jinjugu is 'acting'. On the day off, I enjoy movies and chat with my fellow actors Park Bo-gum, Kwak Dong-yeon and BTS government. Behind Jong-yeong 's' King of Man', he has a fan meeting in Japan and starts shooting TVN drama 'Hotel del Luna', which is his next film from April. He will take the role of elite hoteliers in this drama comes to breathing and IU. 

"" Hotel Del Luna "is a cool and cold person who hides soft humanity. It feels like a descent that looks like it. I'm in this work, the kids counterpart Yu is also seeking an acting transformation. The audience may not be able to hear me, but I want to believe in myself. We are working hard to figure out what is lacking. "