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Yoo In Na, Lee Dong Wook, And More commented on the end of “Touch Your Heart”

The actor Yu-in became "Loko Queen" with the "I get genuine". 


I am an actress who tasted gorgeous normal and frustration in the TVN drama "reaching the heart" (play Myung Choi Sook Choi, director Borim, directing Park Jung-hwa) It showed the shape and filled the pole tightly. 

I made a charming character through the growth of the heart that made both work and love. He always gave positive energy in a bright shape, and he took charge of emotional performance and visual activity and raised the topic of conversation. 


Especially, the charm of the man who is lovable and splashing was outstanding. It has proved to be a presence that determines the mood of the work which induces irritation. Actor Yu Inna said "I feel sincere."YG EntertainmentYoo, who earned a reputation for being a 'Lovely Hot Yi', said, "I was really happy to meet Oh Sinc, and I am already happy to break up with beautiful times that have been faithful to love." "I feel like I have traveled all the way through the film, and I feel sorry for the last day of the trip, but the memories are still going on forever, so I think I will have a warm and long time in my memory."


"I am deeply grateful to the viewers who have shared their feelings, emotions and sadness with the sincerity and sincerity of all things, and I am deeply grateful to all of them. I hope that it has reached the heart that I tried to make, and when I want to be warm anytime, I would like to express my sincerity. 

I feel genuine' 

On the 29th morning, Lee Dong-wook (Kwon Jeong-rok) of the tvN drama 'Reach Out' (Lee Myung-sook, Choi Borim / Director Park Jung-hwa) gave a closing remembrance filled with regret and gratitude through his agency King Kong by Starship. 


"Thank you for watching and thank you for watching," said Dong-wook, "I would like to express my gratitude to viewers. He said, "I think that I feel the most I can feel when I'm done all the time." "I will do a little better" and "I'll regret doing a little harder." 

He also did not forget to greet me as an actor. He said, "I have been delighted to have my work again with Yuinna in two years, and I really want to say thank you." 


"I am glad that all the actors and staff including the bishop and the artist have finished the filming in a healthy way, and I am grateful to them," he said. "I hope that all viewers will take good care of their health during the seasons of change. I wish I had it until now. "

Dong Wook played the role of Kwon Jeong-ryok, a lawyer of perfectionism, in 'Sincerity reaches'. He is perfect in work, but in his romance, he paints a clumsy face naturally. In particular, he was greatly loved by showing the breath of the illusion of Yuinna. 


Meanwhile, Lee Dong - wook will become a national producer 's representative at Mnet' Produce X 101 '.