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Yoo Seung Ho And Jo Bo Ah’s New Drama “My Strange Hero” is off to a solid start!

The SBS new monthly drama 'Revenge is back' recorded the highest audience rating 8.1% on the first broadcast. 
The nationwide ratings were 4.3% (provided by Nielsen Media Research), 5.4% for the second time, 4.9% for the metropolitan area, and 6.0% for the metropolitan area. And the highest audience rating was 8.1%. 

'Ji-Boa' is the first school in the world, where the 'Ripple is back' is the first time in 9 years ago, I was drawn to the story of my heart. 

After nine years, he became immersed in the nostalgic figure of a nursing teacher living as a periodic teacher. 
Yoo Seung-ho has come up with comic and romance, but with the act of 'snatching the heart', he announced another 'surrender of the gods' to wow. 

He is a full-bodied, yet well-behaved, helped a friend to be a friend of the justice, and then he made a false statement, 'Corrupt Hero' from the appearance of Kang Bok-su, The 'romantic man' who handed over the request, and the cheerful cheek to the client 's request. 

Joe Boa has been able to digest the anti-charm of his handmaid with a 180-degree image of his first love.

It is the first class leader of the whole school, but with the revenge of the whole school, it shows a powerful force that threatens the revenge to receive the performance evaluation score as a group. He is also the first player to win the revenge in a two-player triple play, but he also expressed the appearance of a stubborn high school student with a different look at the game. 

Kim Dong-young, a young man in the very early stages of a vengeance to escape, was forced to kiss the groom when he was in crisis. Park Ahn has laughed as a cute stalker Yang Min-ji, who looks at the revenge only nine years ago, when he confesses his love without revenge. 
On the other hand, in the ending scene on the same day, a lot of people swam to look for a crystal missing in the Han River. 

On the other hand, SBS 'Revenge is back' and the 3rd and 4th broadcasts will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on the 11th.