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Yoo Seung Ho and Kwak Dong Yeon face off amid a tense atmosphere in the newest stills from SBS’s “My Strange Hero.”

SBS 'Revenge is back' Yoo Seung-ho - Kwak Dong-yoon's two different scenes were captured. 

Yoo Seung-ho - Kwak Dong-yeon came back to her after 9 years for revenge after becoming SNS drama 'Revenge is back' (play Yoon Young Kim / directed by Han Han Joon / produced by Super Moon Pictures / Kang Bok-soo, Kang Bok-soo, and Seo Song Soo, who has a sense of inferiority and inferiority. 


The two who became ghastly nine years ago have been reunited as the returning student and chairman of the school after nine years, and are facing a sharp confrontation between the romantic triangle romance and the gonggwon gongbyeon between the amateur (Jo BoA).

Above all, the revenge (Yoo Seung-ho), who rescued Jangmin (Jang Dong-ju) from the rooftop on the 27th and 28th broadcasts, said to Seoh, "If I could save you then, would we be different now?" I advised you not to run away anymore. 



Seo, who showed a shaking motion with multiple horses, later found his office after meeting with Crystal and Park Sam (Chun Ho Jin). After hearing the reporters attending the hearing to reveal the inner part of the gongsong goryeo, Seo said in front of the reporters, "I am the victim of the case of Kang Bok-soo, who happened nine years ago." I am curious about the story to be unfolded. 

Yoo Seung-ho and Kwak Dong-kyun have directed a pole-pole 'will to shot' shot. As the revenge of the actor is angry, he is gazing at Seo, and Seo is looking at such revenge with his hollow eyes. Seo, who had a conflict with the words of revenge, leaves the revenge first, and remains alone, embarrassing his face with both hands. 


Especially in the last broadcast, Seokyeong (Kim, Jin-jin), the story of a strange change between the revenge and Seoh, who knew the wounds of Seoh through the incident, came and went. Interest is gaining attention as to what kind of conversation the two people are going to have, together, to sweep away the misgivings and regain friendship. 


The production team said, "In the past broadcasts, the revenge of knowing the injuries of Seoh, and the appearance of Seoh, who awakens his new will while awakening, attracted attention." "I hope that Yoo Seung-ho and Kwak Dong- I said. 10 pm broadcast.