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Yura will be joining upcoming variety show “Ocean Police”

MBC Evriwon 'Seas Police (gauze)' as the youngest member of the Girls Day Yura was selected. 
Kim Su-ro, Jo Jae-yoon, Woo-shi After three male actresses, Yurra of Girls Day turns into a marine police officer by appearing in "Sea Police (gaese)". In the eighth year of his debut, singer Yura has been loved by viewers as well as recording activities as well as drama and entertainment programs. 

Yura showed a lot of artistic stones in her artistic sense through her entertainment programs such as 'We Are Married' and 'Tei Sutrod'. Especially, the charm and affection that Yura showed through many performances is expected to be suitable for the police work that communicates with many citizens. As the only member of the Hong-Ik branch, Yura's breathing with other members will be a fun point. 

The 'Sea Police (Gaje)' is a spin off program of 'Rural Police' series, which is a standard program of MBC Everlon, and will be filming with the Namhae Regional Maritime Police Agency. Unlike the 'rural police', which is the background of a secluded rural area, the 'Sea Police (gaese)' will be performing various tasks to protect the marine environment such as maritime security, rescue of marine life and preservation of marine environment. Kim Seo-ro, Jo Jae-yoon, Kwak Si-yang, Yura The "Sea Police (gaesee)", which has completed four members' associations, visits viewers in August through MBC Everly