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INFINITE’s Sungjong, L, and Dongwoo congratulate Golden Child’s Joochan on his solo single

 Infinite, Lovelys members of Eurim Entertainment have taken off in the promotion of the new song "Problematic child" of junior group Golden Child Hong Ju Chan. 


Today (27th) at 6 pm Golden Child's main vocalist Hong Joo-chan released a digital single 'Sorry' and released music videos and music videos. 

The members of Infinite, Lovelys, and Golden Child who belong to Eolim Entertainment together with Hong Joo - chan posted an article supporting Hong Chanchan in Instagram. 

Infinite Seongjong, who first sent a message of cheering, uploaded an image streaming "Sorry" from the music source site. Lovelies also put together the text "I love you so much ... I'm listening ... good" and an image that says "Ju-chan's" 


The members of the Golden Child, Hong Joon Chan, showed off their warm hearted message with the message, "Thank you for listening to your voice with a good song and always cheering." 

Infinite EL (Kim Myung-soo), who plays the role of 'Dahn' in the KBS 'single love' which is scheduled to be broadcasted in May, is in the midst of shooting in the midst of the film, but through his instagram, "My brother, Golden Child, Please love me a lot. "


Hong Joung-chan's new song 'Sorry' is a remake of 'The Sorrowful Song' released in 1994 of 'The Classics', widely known as 'Mega Castle', a mega hit song, It is a song to look at self and comfort. Warm EP sound and Hong Chan Chan's lyrical voice color add warmth to the listener. 

On the other hand, Hong Ju Chan's new song 'Problematic Child' was released on various online music sites today at 6 pm