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“Memories of the Alhambra” has become the talk of the town for its excessive amount of product placement

With the romance of Hyun Bin Park Shin Hye, the PPL exploded. 
The romance of Yoo Jin-woo (Hyun Bin) and Jung Hee-joo (Park Shin-hye) rushed to a halt in the twelfth episode of "The Memories of Alhambra Palace" 

In the last broadcast, Kwon Jung-woo, who became a lover after confirming each other's heart with a kiss in the rain, showed a picture of Jung Hee-ju in the early days of the broadcast. Jeong Hee-ju, who was so euphoric and eager to go home, took a shower and started a storm PPL (Product Placement) with him. First, hair products PPL opened the door. 
Then, Eugene Woo asked Jeong Hee-ju again for a date, "Pure Pretty Come Out" word for a TV commercial like PPL was done. Jeong Hee-ju showed a process of dressing 'beautifully' with certain cosmetics and earrings. Eugene Wu, who met Jeong Hee-ju, said, "I do not like to do it more beautifully." Jeong Hee-joo said, "I gave it as a gift. I like it. " 
In the meantime, Eugene Wu drinks a drink, followed by the drink PPL, followed by Oh Young-seim (Kim Yong-rim), knowing the disappearance of his grandson Jeongsejuju (Chan Yeol min) and Jeong Hee-ju runs to the hospital. Eugene Woo is worried about Jeong Min-joo And the coffee PPL was unfolded. Jeong Hee-ju, after Jeong Min-ju's attendance, e-mailed Yu Jin-woo, thanking him for the "thick" and ordered coffee.
Eugene Woo and Jeong Hee-ju's date was filled with PPL and disturbed the immersion. Viewers responded "After watching the last 10 minutes on PPL for 50 minutes," "Eugene Woo and Jeong Hee-ju's date on PPL explosion" and "I tried to watch dimple on Hyunbin's smile while dating."