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tvN’s weekend drama “Confession” released stills of 2PM’s Junho involved in a murder case.

tvN drama Weekends 'confessions' which among the three first broadcast during the afternoon on September 23, Lee Jun - Ho naedinneunda is the first step in the shaggy giant event. 

The TVN drama 'Confessions' (directed by Kim Chul-kyu / Hyunbong Imh Hee-chul / Studio Dragon, Ace Factory) is based on the principle of one-sided absurdity that can not be dealt with once the verdict is decided, It is a forgery. In 'Confession' Lee Jun-ho plays the man 'Choi Hyun-hyun' who is a lawyer to save the death penalty father. 


Lee Jun-ho, a lawyer of Ryu Kyung-soo (Han Jong-gu) In the drama, Han Jong-koo is a suspect in the murder case of the victim five years ago, and after a murder case using the same crime method five years later, he is again identified as a suspect. Choi Hyun-hyun will defend Han Jong-gu and strive to find clues of innocence in a lot of evidence pointing to him as a criminal. 

In addition, the case will become the fuse of 'truth trace' which will be played with Choi Hyun-hyun in the future with Chun-ho Koo (Yoo Jae-myeong) - Hae-ri Lee (Shin Hyun-bin) In the process of defending Han Jong-gu, Choi Hyun-hyun will be at the center of the entangled events and characters. So, with the murder of Hyeon-Dae, the expectation for 'confession' is prevalent.

Meanwhile, director Kim Chul-kyu said in an earlier interview, "Confession" takes on a complicated narrative structure in which a lot of people make a huge number of incidents. It is interesting to see that these are all linked together and the basic design is a story. " The question of what is hidden behind the two murders that open up the prelude to a huge event where confessions will be shown, and what kind of incident the event becomes in contact with. 

The TV drama 'Confession', which is expected to be followed by the TVN Well-Made genre box office following the new movie 'The Man of Khan' directed by Kim Chul-kyu, 'Signal' and 'Secret Forest', will be broadcasted at 9 pm on the 23rd.