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'Elegant Mother and Mother' Jisu Won delayed memory loss for the car rehearsal

In the final episode of KBS 2TV's 'Elegant Mother and Mother' broadcast on the 27th, Miyeon (Cheon Myung-gil Choi) closing her eyes in Yujin's (Choi Ye-ryeon's) picture was drawn. Even after discharge, the dementia of the galaxy has not improved. On this day, the galaxy was also in front of Sarah and said, “I dreamed of losing you. Don't leave your mother anywhere. When I went outside, I grabbed my mother's hand and went out, okay? ” “Is it good or bad for my mom to be like this? "When I'm fine, I will find some." Mi-yeon, who is fighting, is also getting worse. Yunkyung said, “I'm okay, so I stay with the kids. I want to advance the wedding, too, ”he said. Miyeon said, “I do n’t think I can live long. Please take care of our children. I'm always sorry. ” Eventually, Hae-joon and Yujin's wedding was held simply with the blessings of both families. After seeing the wedding pictures of the two, Eunha said, “Hae Joon got married? Sera and Hae-joon came to talk about marriage. ” He pointed to Eugene and asked, "Who is she?" With Eugene in front, she said, “Where have you seen this lady a lot? "It's pretty," he said with a smile. In response, Yoon Kyung said, “What can I do? I can't even remember my daughter who was looking for that. ” The antiwar is that the galaxy acted as if it had lost its memory for Eugene. Meanwhile, Mi-yeon's illness is worsening. Miyeon eventually closed her eyes next to Yujin. Two years later, Hae-joon and Eugene gave birth to a son and had a strong family. Serra (Denny Min) developed into a relationship between Denny (Lee Hae-Woo) and marriage. In-cheol (Lee Hoon-min) will become son-in-law, saying, “I gave it to your mother-in-law unconditionally. "You must lose it, too." On this day, Eugene missed him in search of the riverside where Miyeon had sown. 'Elegant mother and daughter' came to an end with the happy appearance of Miyeon, Eugene and mother and daughter. Following the 'elegant mother and daughter', 'dangerous promise' starring Park Ha-na and Ko Se-won is broadcast.