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iKON talked about the success of “Love Scenario”, their plans for the coming year, and more

“Love Scenario” is a 'national song' in 2018. 


It was released in January, and it was loved for twelve months. It is a song that led to a unique backlash that preschoolers gathered at the kids' At the end of the year MBC 'Acting Grand Prix', the actors covered the song and decorated the celebration stage. He won the Mellon daily charts for the 40th consecutive year, and he became the third digital downloading and streaming chart leader in the annual chart presentation of the Gaon chart. In the past decade, he recorded the longest running chart record and realized the power of the song that integrated the old age. 


The seven-member boy group icon (Bi-A, Kim Jin-hwan, Bobby, Song Yun-hyoung, Gyo Joong-ho, Kim Dong-hyuk, Jung Chan-woo) The fan signing shows that the number of children fans who have not been able to see before has increased. The 33rd Golden Disk Awards soundtrack won the honorary prize, and there was also a qualifier called 'the singer'. It was a tremendous achievement in the fourth year of his debut through a rough audition, and it was the moment when he broke the old slump and got a new driving force. The icon holding the target trophy is "I can not believe it now." I thought it was natural for us to love, but thanks to the knowledge that it was not so, I became more grateful. I will do my best. "


This is the first time that only the members have gathered and tilted the liquor. Even the members who do not enjoy drinking were amazed at the company's agent who was immersed in the talk concept and burned with enthusiasm. "There are a lot of things we have not done before than we thought, a lack of sociality compared to other groups, and a lot of things we do not know, because there are some people who love us without a good one, so we have to work harder this year. I was expecting a challenge.