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iKON’s Bobby and Junhoe will be appearing in MBC’s Lunar New Year variety show!

'Now is the 1st place?' Is the 'vocals' showdown to release one of the 'challenging singers' It is a music program to write. 

The first time, 'I am a vocalist' to release one of the 'challenging singers', Bobby of the icon and the music association are forcing the power and collecting the topic. Icon will go back to 1991 and partner with Ballad 's ex - girlfriend, and will be reinterpreting' I Love You 'as a 2019 version. 

Gwonjongoe said, "I like him so much. When I was searching for and listening to the old song, I heard it all the time. "He reveals his special affection for Yu Yunna and raises his curiosity about the stage. 

 With Bobby's incredible rap making and the only new gender-changing stage, expectations are rising that he will be able to reclaim first place in 2019.


In addition, on this day, Bobby's unique sense of entertainment will shine more brightly. When asked whether he had played the stage with the opposite reason, MC said, "It is a wish." He said, "I feel like declaring a war if I rap to the opposite sex." 

Not only that, but also the fellow singers who sing duet songs are looked at with envious eyes, it gives a sadness, while Bobby's infinite charms will be unfurled. 

“Show that Rewrites the Charts, What is Number 1 Right Now?” will air on February 4 and 5 during the Lunar New Year holidays.