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new poster for the Korean movie 'Madonna'

new poster for the Korean movie 'Madonna'

Added new poster for the upcoming Korean movie"Madonna"(2014)

Directed byShin Su-won

WithSeo Yeong-hee,Kwon So-hyeon,Kim Yeong-min,Ko Seo-hee,Yoo Soon-cheol,Ye Soo-jeong,...

"I just wanted to live a normal life"
A saint and a prostitude, one name Madonna
An assistant nurse named Hae-rim (Seo Yeong-hee) and a doctor (Byeon Yo-han) are responsible for a paralyzed patient Cheol-ho who is in need of a heart transplant. They find out that Cheol-oh's son Sang-woo (Kim Yeong-min) is doing everything in his power to extend his father's life to obtain his father's wealth. One day, Mi-na (Kwon So-hyeon) is brought into the hospital from a mysterious accident and Sang-woo tells Hae-rim to find Mi-na's family to receive their approval for organ transplant. Hae-rim needs the money he's offered her and agrees. She then tracks down Mi-na's past when she had the nickname"Madonna"and faces a shocking secret...

Cannes 2015 : Un Certain Regard

Release date in Korea : 2015/06/25

Source from :Hancinema