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'Only Walk the Flower Path' Shim Ji-ho responded with a mean threat.

In KBS 1TV's 'Only Walk the Flower Path' broadcast on the 27th, a scene was drawn in which Ji Hoon (Shim Ji-ho) bought a traffic accident against Yeo-won (Choi Yoon-so). On this day, Byung-rae (Sunwoo Jae-deok) said to a woman who was reluctant to land, “You know that it is good employees of our company and their families to avoid the eventual damage if the sparkling water project is delayed by Mr. Kang. So are the suppliers with their entrants, ”said Nonjisi. In response, Yeowon said, “I will not try to avoid the company as much as possible. I'll tell you by making a decision within the month you promised. ”But Byung-lae said,“ I'm talking about the deadline right now. ” If you continue to take the time, organizations sponsored by Hana Beverage will also suffer. “There is also a nursery school where the team leader Bong grew up. In particular, if the amount of sponsorship is large, if we stop sponsoring our company, it will be a serious blow. “I heard that Bong also has a lot of trouble in that area.” In response to this, Yeo-Won visited Cheon-Dong (Jung-Hwan Seon-hwan) and asked, "Why didn't you tell me?" And Cheon-Dong dismissed, "If that's the problem, Mr. Yeo-Won would have no burden at all." Furthermore, he said, “Although, even before, the director was wary of relying heavily on a company. That's why I am looking for other sponsors. ” In response to this, the woman said, “I need to find out Dong-woo quickly so I can make any decision. This will make the team leader's position less embarrassing. I keep getting impatient. ” On this day, the woman learned that Ji Hoon is the son of Jeong Sook. “How can this be? Why are you doing this with a strange bad relationship with Director Kim? ” Eventually, Yeo-won met Ji-hoon on this issue. Ji Hoon declares that he will pay the money on behalf of Jeong-suk, but the woman said, “I don't want to receive the money from the general manager. But what I want to ask the general manager is the truth about my husband. ” As a result, Jihoon's appearance of buying a traffic accident against a woman who was falsely consistent raised questions about the future development.