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"Criminal Minds" Lee Joon-gi joins Son Hyun-joo and Moon Chae-won's team

"Criminal Minds" Lee Joon-gi joins Son Hyun-joo and Moon Chae-won's team

Kim Hyeon-joon (Lee Joon-gi) joined the NCI team on the latest episode of the tvN drama"Criminal Minds".

Ha Seon-woo (Moon Chae-won) went to see Ma Hyeon-tae who was a likely suspect but she was attacked by a stranger. She then tracked down her attacker with Kim Hyeon-joon but failed. In the end, Choi Na-yeong's kidnap had taken a completely different turn.

Kang Ki-hyeong (Son Hyun-joo), the team manager of NCI, focused onPark Jae-minand Ma Hyeon-tae who was dead.Park Jae-mintold him about the incident that happened in the boiler room. He had tried to kill himself in juvenile but was humiliated by Ma Hyeon-tae and the gang leader.Park Jae-minand Ma Hyeon-tae became obedient to this man.

It turned out the criminal was Ahn Sang-cheol (Kim In-kwon) who had free access to the prisons. However, it was impossible to know where Choi Na-yeong was being held and Kang Ki-hyeong tried to get a confession out ofPark Jae-min.

Choi Na-yeong managed to get out herself but she was caught by Ahn Sang-cheol. She was taken to the mountains where she tired to run away again. Kang Ki-hyeong and Kim Hyeon-joon were able to find her in a youth house where Ahn Sang-cheol used to be.

It turned out that Kim Hyeon-joon was a second class in Police Academy Profiling. Kang Ki-hyeong suggested Kim Hyeon-joon as an NCI field agent. Kim Hyeon-joon hesitated but he found out that it wasn't Kang Ki-hyeong who gave the detonation order and joined the team.

Meanwhile, Yoo Min-yeong (Lee Sun-bin) was taken hostage and Kim Hyeon-joon had his first mission on NCI.

Source from :Hancinema