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tvN’s “Touch Your Heart” has released new stills featuring Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na.

Lee Dong Wook's perfectionist lawyer 'arrive at a truly' is faced with a crisis situation. 

TVN 's heart drama' Touch Your Heart' (Lee Myung Sook, Choi Borim / director Park Jun - hwa / production studio dragon) perfectionist attorney Kwon Jeong - 

Kwon Jeong-rok, a member of the public steel group, is looking for a law firm and is heading for a middle-aged woman who is pouring resentment. Especially in his eyes is anxiety and sorrow. So, I wonder who the women who came to the law firm will be. 


Another Steel still in the public domain, Kwon Jung Rock, is surrounded by reporters in front of the court and is embarrassed. Especially, it shows tension to a reporter and raises tension. During that time, Kwon Jeong-rok who showed the aspect of Ace attorney with his own firm conviction and sincerity. 

What is the reason why he was surrounded by reporters and was in a perilous situation. It is noteworthy whether Kwon Jeong-rok will be able to safely tackle the difficult situation in a situation where his lover O Jin-sik (Yeomyeong Oh Yoon-seo, Yoo In-na) 

The filmmaker said, "After the lunatic and departure, the crisis comes to Lee Dong-wook. I am going to have a fatal event in his career, along with Lee Dong-wook, who is more committed to work to forget the longing for me." It is stimulating the wonder of Korea.

On the other hand, one day when the tvN drama '' Touch Your heart '' is the romance of the space goddess camouflaged by the Korean representative actor Oh Jin-seom who met with perfectionist lawyer Kwon Jeong-rok. 

Today (20th) will be broadcast at 9:30 pm.