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'Twentieth Century Song-Tsuk' Kim Min-a said that she had 'picked' Kim Hee-cheol

On the afternoon of the 27th, KBS Joy's new entertainment program 'Twentieth Century Song-Tsuk' was first broadcast. This is a program that can quench thirst for those who seek retro music sensibility in the era when Neutro Retro is a major trend. On that day, Kim Hee-cheol asked Min-ah Kim, "How did you accept this program?" In this regard, Kim Min-ah said, “I don't know if this may be true, but Hee-cheol is the first to get in touch with my brother.” When Kim Hee-cheol, who laughed, said, "I've been chosen," Kim Min-ah said, "Yes." Hee-cheol Kim said, "If I don't do well, I might not be coming next week." Kim Min-a said, "I'll leave it a couple of times."