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'Twentieth Century Song-Tsuk' summoned the Ten Ten Gap Song TOP 10 at the end of the century

On the afternoon of the 27th, KBS Joy's new entertainment program 'Twentieth Century Song-Tsuk' was first broadcast. This is a program that can quench thirst for those who seek retro music sensibility in the era when Neutro Retro is a major trend. Every week, TOP10 is re-organized into charts by hit song by theme. The tenth place is the story of "The Last Night" by a fire engine. The first stage of the fire engine was a night club. When Kim Hee-cheol asked Min-ah Kim, “Have you ever been night?” Kim Min-a responded, “I was a college student during the transition from the night to the club, but the night was more like it.” “I've been there a lot,” he said to Kim Hee-cheol. Kim Min-ah said, "There are a lot of people who are active at the night and met at the night." I was embarrassed. When Kim Min-a said, "It's so healthy," Kim Hee-cheol said, "I'm completely healthy. "It's healthier than I thought." Along with this, she screamed with laughter by saying, “Oh, this is back,” toward Min-ah, who is over the line. The ninth place is Nami's 'round and round'. Hee-cheol Kim asked, "What do you remember about Nami?" Kim Min-a said, “Nami? That nickname is Namichin. ” When Kim Hee-cheol's reaction was lukewarm, Kim Min-a said, "Why don't you accept me now?" The eighth place was 'to you' in the caterpillar, and the seventh place was 'young date' by Yuna Ah. 6th place is Cho Yong-pil's 'Mona Lisa'. Because of Cho Yong-pil, the word 'Old Brotherhood' is listed in the standard Korean dictionary. When Kim Hee-cheol said, “Doesn't the announcer know all these things?” Kim Min-a confessed, “I don't know the dictionary.” When I asked Kim Min-ah, "What do you see when you go to the announcer exam?" The fifth place is Clone's 'Shabara'. Kim Min-a said, "If you think about it now, you can think of it as a simple beat, but there seems to be no excitement like this." Hee-cheol Kim also said, “So, emotions are good at this time. I said. ” 4th place in the city's 'moonlight', 3rd place in Seo Taiji and children's 'You in Fantasy', Kim Hee-cheol expresses a eager desire to invite Seo Taiji, and said, "It was a very comfortable time at the time," he said. I became a brother. ” The second place is Space A's 'Sexy Man'. Space A's Kim Hyun-jung and Jason appeared in the studio, singing a song to make the atmosphere warm up. “I have to worry about whether or not to release a Space A album. We weren't thinking much, but I think everyone wants me to be on the team and I'm in trouble. ” The long-awaited No. 1 was Koyotae's 'pure'. Hee-cheol Kim and Min-ah Kim danced as much as possible, and dances exploded.