Vida Neuwirthová 07/10/1962 , (61 years old) in Teplice, Czechoslovakia

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Vida Neuwirth, born Skalská, (* July 10, 1962 Teplice) is a Czech actress. Under the name maiden Bosan played the role of a princess in a fairy tale film: Three Veterans (1983). She was involved in the emergence of a Czech-German documentary about Jewish victims of the Second World War, which included members of her family, called "Rekviem" for those who survived. However, she has long been engaged in puppetry. Until 1999, she was a member of the Minor Theater in Prague, and directed in the Celetná Theater for the Kašpar Theater Association in 2001 and founded the Feigele Children's Theater in Prague's Jewish community since 1983. In addition, he is engaged in guided tours, which accompany tourists from the Jewish town of Prague or Terezín and occasionally moderate in the radio. For small readers she wrote books with rewritten biblical stories and Jewish legends. From Wikipedia (cs), the free encyclopedia