Predrag Laković 03/28/1929 , (94 years old) in Skopje, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

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He was born on March 28, 1929 in Skopje. He completed his secondary education in Peć. After completing his education, he enrolled at the Academy of Theater Arts and studied in the class with Oliver Marković, Đuza Stojiljković, Vlasta Velisavljević, Mihailo Viktorović. He graduated in 1952 in the class of Professor Mate Milosević. In Paris, he perfected pantomime with Marcel Marceau and Jacques Lecoq. He started his acting career on the stage of the Belgrade Drama Theater. He is remembered for the roles of ordinary people, mostly marginalized, melancholic recluses and bohemians. In 1987, he received the October Award of the City of Belgrade.