Jana Janěková 06/05/1955 , (68 years old) in Zlín, Československo

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Doc. Jana Janěková, born Válková (* June 5, 1955 Zlín), is Czech actress, director, photographer and theater pedagogue, sister conductor Roman Válka. He comes from an artistic family, his father was a musician, a choirmaster and a pedagogue, a well-known musician is her younger brother Roman. At the Prague Conservatory in 1976, he studied music and drama. During her studies she was guest in the E. F. Burian and J. Wolker Theaters. Her first theatrical engagement became East Bohemian Theater in Pardubice, where she worked in 1976-1978, then she played shortly in Hradec Králové. In the years 1979-1981 she played in the Oldřich Stibor Theater in Olomouc, from 1980 to 1985 in Ostrava Bezruč Theater. There was a long-standing engagement at the State Theater in Brno (today's National Theater Brno), where she worked as an actress and director from 1987 to 2005. In the film and on TV, she appeared sporadically at the beginning, mostly in minor or episodic roles, and later she often performed mainly in Ostrava and Brno studios, where many of the TV productions of Czechoslovak television played key figures. She won her first major role in the first Czech TV sitcom, TV Nova Novác, in 1995, and later starred in other TV series. For the time being, the only significant film role was psychologist Hana in the Czech film director Věra Chytilová. He co-operates with radio, occasionally dubs, and in addition to acting and theater direction, he has been teaching pedagogical activities at JAMU in Brno since 1991, where he leads a separate atelier of musical acting. She is also active in the field of artistic photography. (Wikipedia)