Wagle Ki Duniya

Feb 08, 2021 (hi) Comedy, Drama, Family [25] Min
  • First Air Date
    Feb 08, 2021
  • Production
    Hats Off Productions
  • Rotten tomato
  • Original title
    वागले की दुनिया
  • Release
    Feb 08, 2021
  • hi

Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey


Three generations of the family live together, who share all their happiness and sorrows. Follow the story of this family as they bring laughter to each other's lives and will make your heart melt. A new generation of the old critically acclaimed show is here to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

  1. Music Supervisor

  2. Aatish Kapadia, JD Majethia


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  1. Sumeet Raghvan

    Rajesh Wagle

  2. Pariva Pranati

    Vandana Wagle

  3. Chinmayee Salvi

    Sakhi Wagle

  4. Sheehan Kapahi

    Atharva Wagle

  5. Aanjjan Srivastav

    Srinivas Wagle

  6. Bharati Achrekar

    Radhika Wagle

  7. Amit Soni

    Harshad Agrawal

  8. Bhakti Chauhan

    Jyoti Agrawal

  9. Prapti Shukla

    Gungun Agrawal

  10. Hitanshu Nagia

    Vidyut Agrawal

  11. Deepak Pareek

    Dakshesh "Dakku" Joshipura

  12. Manasi Joshi

    Dr. Yamini "Yam" Joshipura

  13. Mahi Soni

    Kittu Joshipura

  14. Vipul Deshpande

    Manoj Wagle

  15. Sukanya Surve

    Vidya Wagle

  16. Namit Shah

    Vivaan Dwivedi

  17. Nayan Shukla

    Ghanshyam Dasani

  18. Anju Jadhav

    Kiara Tejwani

  19. Suryakant Govale

    Chandu Parab

  20. Vinayak Ketkar

    Manish Marfatia

Full Casts & Crew

Casts : 20 / Crews : 4

Specials ( 2022-09-12)

Singapore Ke Tickets - Maha Episode Part 1

Episode: 1

Golu Pe Aarop - Maha Episode Part 2

Episode: 2

Season 1 ( 2021-02-08)

New Generation Same Happiness

Episode: 1

Shrinivas Has Lost His Sleep

Episode: 2

Old Possessions - Treasure Or Trash

Episode: 3

Vandana Can't Have Her Morning Coffee

Episode: 4

Rajesh's Valentine Dinner

Episode: 5

Society's Faulty Lift

Episode: 6

Rajesh and His Curd

Episode: 7

Lehenga For Vandana

Episode: 8

Atharva's Punishment

Episode: 9

Rajesh In Police Custody

Episode: 10

Rajesh's Expensive Gift

Episode: 11

Srinivas is Diabetic

Episode: 12

Fight Between Miya-Biwi

Episode: 13

The Wagles Locked Outside Their House

Episode: 14

Family Goa Trip Cancelled

Episode: 15

Rajesh's Dental Woes

Episode: 16

Father vs Daughter

Episode: 17

Rajesh Declares A No Gadget Weekend

Episode: 18

Srinivas Finds An Old Letter

Episode: 19

Sweet Child Of Vandana

Episode: 20

Women's Day Party

Episode: 21

The Lost Money

Episode: 22

World's Best Dad

Episode: 23

Shivratri At Wagle's

Episode: 24

Trying Times For The Family

Episode: 25

When Rajesh Needed His Family

Episode: 26

Baba Ka Coat

Episode: 27

Rajesh's Stock Market Adventure

Episode: 28

Vandana's COVID Scare

Episode: 29

Channelling Atharva's Energy

Episode: 30

Importance Of A House Wife

Episode: 31

Vandana's Matrimonial Profile

Episode: 32

Sakhi Brings Home A Friend

Episode: 33

Vaccinating Srinivas

Episode: 34

The Holi Horror

Episode: 35

Who Is The Culprit?

Episode: 36

Kya Khana Hai?

Episode: 37

Know Your Limits

Episode: 38


Episode: 39

Radhika And Vandana's Ad Shoot

Episode: 40

Vandana's Next Opportunity

Episode: 41

Vandana Scammed

Episode: 42

Rajesh's First Crush

Episode: 43

Rajesh's Childhood Library

Episode: 44

Trouble At The Resort

Episode: 45

The Game Of Survival

Episode: 46

All Rules And No Fun

Episode: 47

Sending Joshi Home

Episode: 48

Vandana Loses Jyoti's Jewellery

Episode: 49

Nowhere To Go

Episode: 50

Atharva Is Not A Wagle?

Episode: 51

Atharva Meets His Family

Episode: 52

Mini Lockdown At The Resort

Episode: 53

Staying Healthy

Episode: 54

Vandana The Chef

Episode: 55

Power Cut At The Resort

Episode: 56

Raaz Chupane Ki Saajish

Episode: 57

Atharva's Ultimatum

Episode: 58

Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni

Episode: 59

Celebrating Atharva's Success

Episode: 60

Jyoti's Secret

Episode: 61

Rajesh And Vandana's Fight

Episode: 62

Food Smuggling

Episode: 63

Atharva's Rich Dreams

Episode: 64

The Joy-O-Meter

Episode: 65

Sakhi Ki Zidd

Episode: 66

The Ladies Night Out

Episode: 67

Women United

Episode: 68

The Cycle Race

Episode: 69

The Warriors Are Ready

Episode: 70

Atharva Won't Back Down

Episode: 71

Jyoti's Secret Courier

Episode: 72

Role Reversal

Episode: 73

Helping Rajesh Meet Monica

Episode: 74

Sakhi's New Obsession

Episode: 75

The Best Friend Day

Episode: 76

Atharva's Nightmares

Episode: 77

Harshad's Trick

Episode: 78

Vandana's Headache

Episode: 79

Vandana Unwell

Episode: 80

Fish Pond Ka Raaz

Episode: 81

Atharva's Lottery

Episode: 82

Vidyut's Tragedy

Episode: 83

Rajesh's Chipkoo Movement

Episode: 84

Yoga Day

Episode: 85

Sakhi's Crush

Episode: 86

Sakhi In Distress

Episode: 87

Getting Older

Episode: 88

Atharva's Silence

Episode: 89

Atharva's Demands

Episode: 90

Vahem Hota Hai

Episode: 91

Rajesh Faces Bhootni

Episode: 92

The Missing Masala

Episode: 93

The Ideal Son

Episode: 94

Rajesh Helps Mr and Mrs Dev

Episode: 95

Swimming Pool Ke Maggarmachh

Episode: 96

Rajesh Angry With Harshad

Episode: 97

Qissa Fatte Joote Ka

Episode: 98

Resort Se Vidaai

Episode: 99

Anjaane Aaye Ghar Pe

Episode: 100

Catching The V Gang

Episode: 101

The Robbery Suspects

Episode: 102

Angry Young Man

Episode: 103

A Shocking News

Episode: 104

Anhoni Bani Aafat

Episode: 105

Surprise For Rajesh

Episode: 106

Rajesh's Decision

Episode: 107

Late Lateef

Episode: 108

Hichki Ka Raaz

Episode: 109

Rajesh Ki Hichki

Episode: 110

Repairs At Sai Darshan

Episode: 111

The Peeping Tom

Episode: 112

The Ageing Parents

Episode: 113

The Conjunctivitis Outbreak

Episode: 114

Vidyut Opens Up

Episode: 115

Harshad Gets To Know

Episode: 116

Little Things In Life

Episode: 117

The Garbage Man

Episode: 118

Papa Ko Mat Batana

Episode: 119

Kab Tak Chupega Raaz?

Episode: 120

Teesri Leher

Episode: 121

Sakhi Ka Kamra

Episode: 122

Sakhi Learns A Life Lesson

Episode: 123

Remembering Freedom Fighters

Episode: 124

Vandana With A Baby

Episode: 125

Vandana's Doctor Visit

Episode: 126

Lag Gayi Shart

Episode: 127

Rajesh And Atharva's Challenge

Episode: 128

Radhika Misses Her Brother

Episode: 129

Anna In Mumbai

Episode: 130

Anna Meets Srinivas

Episode: 131

Rakhi Mein Archan

Episode: 132

Anna Prepares For Departure

Episode: 133

Janmashtami Jagran Preparation

Episode: 134

Rajesh And Gang Arrested

Episode: 135

Kitchen Ka Kaam

Episode: 136

Learning How To Cook

Episode: 137

Insurance Policy

Episode: 138

Atharva's Results

Episode: 139

Vandana Challenges Atharva

Episode: 140

Atharva And Vidyut's Obsession

Episode: 141

Rajesh Faces The Consequences

Episode: 142

Rajesh's Proposal For Ganesh Chaturthi

Episode: 143

The Actors Are Injured

Episode: 144

Kiara Lashes Out At Rajesh

Episode: 145

Rajesh Prays To Find The Way Forward

Episode: 146

Vandana's Day Off

Episode: 147

Komal Loses Consciousness

Episode: 148

Vandana's Challenges

Episode: 149

Rajesh's Superpowers

Episode: 150

Atharva Ka Super DNA

Episode: 151

Sakhi's Exams

Episode: 152

Radhika Ki Aan Baan Shaan

Episode: 153

Doosro Ki Khushi

Episode: 154

Double Bill Se Trouble

Episode: 155

Electricity Troubles

Episode: 156

Atharva's Secret

Episode: 157

Sakhi's Opportunity

Episode: 158

Sacch Bolne Ki Kasam

Episode: 159

Rajesh Joins Classes

Episode: 160

Triple Treat Formula

Episode: 161

40's Is The New 20's

Episode: 162

Dakshesh Ki Duvidha

Episode: 163

Harshad Ki Chaal

Episode: 164

Sai Darshan Mein Chori

Episode: 165

Pehla Pehla Pyaar

Episode: 166

Rajesh Ki Safai

Episode: 167

Dada Ki Dharohar

Episode: 168

Dharohar Hoti Kya Hai?

Episode: 169

Nakli Note

Episode: 170

Bharose Ka Test

Episode: 171

Sonalee Ka Jaal

Episode: 172

Saving Sonalee

Episode: 173

Vandana's Snoring

Episode: 174

Karva Chauth Ki Tayyari

Episode: 175

Rajesh Ka Shak

Episode: 176

Sakhi's Secret Comes Out

Episode: 177

Radhika's Pink Chappal

Episode: 178

Chappal Ka Qissa

Episode: 179

Vandana's Cooking

Episode: 180

Vandana Ka Medu Vada

Episode: 181

Atharva's Rap Videos

Episode: 182

Atharva's Video Bombs

Episode: 183

Diwali At The Wagles

Episode: 184

Diwali Ka Bonus

Episode: 185

Kripa Aur Sanskaar

Episode: 186

Haar Ka Haqdaar

Episode: 187

Doosri Vandana Kaun?

Episode: 188

Drainage Choked

Episode: 189

Baap-Bete Ka Naya Formula

Episode: 190

Baap-Bete Ki Museebatein

Episode: 191

Vandana's Timetable

Episode: 192

Time Ki Keemat

Episode: 193

The Saas-Bahu Relationship

Episode: 194

Vandana's Fake Video

Episode: 195

A Little Dishonesty

Episode: 196

Exchanging Parents

Episode: 197

Atharva Refuses To Come Back

Episode: 198

Radhika's Special Guests

Episode: 199

Sakhi Need Not Apologise

Episode: 200

Srinivas' Pedicure

Episode: 201

Unexpected Kharche

Episode: 202

Handling Expenses

Episode: 203

Beti Ya Boss

Episode: 204

Joshipura Ka Andaaz

Episode: 205

Thappad Se Darr Nahi Lagta

Episode: 206

Atharva Gets Blamed

Episode: 207

Atharva Kidnapped

Episode: 208

Atharva In Danger

Episode: 209

Atharva's Ransom

Episode: 210

Together We Stand

Episode: 211

Finding Atharva

Episode: 212

Atharva Mil Jayega

Episode: 213

Atharva Makes A Run For It

Episode: 214

Atharva Rescued

Episode: 215

Bhay Ka Saya

Episode: 216

Rajesh Dreams Of Sai Baba

Episode: 217

Aarti Ke Time Confusion

Episode: 218

Jeevan Ka Swaad

Episode: 219

Sone Ki Saree

Episode: 220

Radhika Wants The Saree Back

Episode: 221

Sakhi Ke Saath Pakshpaat

Episode: 222

Sakhi's Dance Off

Episode: 223

Rajesh's Hangover

Episode: 224

Sakhi's Houseparty

Episode: 225

Welcoming Vandana Back

Episode: 226

Fire In The Hearts

Episode: 227

Who Would You Save?

Episode: 228

Truth About The Fire

Episode: 229

Ek Nahi Paanch Santa

Episode: 230

Dabbo Ki Adla Badli

Episode: 231

Offer From Cook Tadka

Episode: 232

Vandana In Cooking Competition

Episode: 233

Vandana's Recipe

Episode: 234

Vandana Quits The Cooking Competition

Episode: 235

Wagle Parivaar Ka Naya Saal

Episode: 236

How Rajesh Met Vandana

Episode: 237

New Year New Challenges

Episode: 238

Harry's Motives

Episode: 239

Harry Makes His Move

Episode: 240

The Advocate Joshi

Episode: 241

Rajesh's New Responsibilities

Episode: 242

Father And Son Face Troubles

Episode: 243

Rajesh's New Team Member

Episode: 244

Jyoti's Treatment Goes Wrong

Episode: 245

Supporting Jyoti

Episode: 246

Sakhi's Protest

Episode: 247

Sai Darshan Ki Adalat

Episode: 248

Purani Ghadi Ka Kissa

Episode: 249

Radhika Fires Asha

Episode: 250

No Asha In Sai Darshan Heights

Episode: 251

The Challenging Life Of Wagles

Episode: 252

The Challenges Continue

Episode: 253

Harshad And Dakshesh's Haste

Episode: 254

Dakshesh Ke Badle Rang

Episode: 255

Radhika Gifts Sarees

Episode: 256

Rajesh's Work-Life Balance

Episode: 257

Pyaar Aur Parivaar

Episode: 258

Atharva's Badminton Training

Episode: 259

Rakho Health Ka Khayal

Episode: 260

Rajesh Collapses At Work

Episode: 261

Rajesh's Heart Attack

Episode: 262

Rajesh Needs Surgery

Episode: 263

Wagle's Money Troubles

Episode: 264

Rajesh Ke Liye Second Opinion

Episode: 265

Rajesh Ka Sting Operation

Episode: 266

Always Get A Second Opinion

Episode: 267

Radhika Jealous Of Mamiji

Episode: 268

Vandana Ki Job

Episode: 269

Spy Amongst The Wagles

Episode: 270

Saas-Bahu Ki Nok Jhok

Episode: 271

Valentine Ka Paagalpan

Episode: 272

Rajesh Puts Harry In His Place

Episode: 273

The Season Of Love

Episode: 274

The Importance Of Vandana's Decisions

Episode: 275

Never Wrestle With A Pig

Episode: 276

Rajesh's Instinct

Episode: 277

Rajesh Distances Himself From Radhika

Episode: 278

Raju Bada Ho Gaya

Episode: 279

The Family Extends Their Support

Episode: 280

Hyperactive Rishi

Episode: 281

Himmat Nahi Haarte

Episode: 282

Finding A Middle Path

Episode: 283

Home Management Classes

Episode: 284

Exam Ka Routine

Episode: 285

Kiara Ke Liye Rishta

Episode: 286

Ye Soch Aati Kahan Se Hai?

Episode: 287

Sacrifice Sirf Ladki Kyun Karein?

Episode: 288

Sakhi And Gungun Get Stalked

Episode: 289

Threat Of The Stalker's

Episode: 290

Dealing With The Stalkers

Episode: 291

Pehchana Nahi?

Episode: 292

One Day Aurat

Episode: 293

Be The Change

Episode: 294

Harshad Uddne Wala Hai

Episode: 295

Share Market Ka Chakkar

Episode: 296

Help From The Internet

Episode: 297

Atharva's Phone Addiction

Episode: 298

Sapno Ka Ghar

Episode: 299

Rajesh Brings A New Client

Episode: 300

Vandana's Special Halwa

Episode: 301

Halwe Ki Asha

Episode: 302

The Peeping Tom

Episode: 303

Apne Kaam Se Kaam

Episode: 304

Wagles Save Palak

Episode: 305

Wagle's Home Renovation

Episode: 306

Kar Bhala Toh Ho Bhala

Episode: 307

Rajesh Gets Suspended

Episode: 308

Atharva Ka Judwa Bhai?

Episode: 309

Maya Ki Hadd

Episode: 310

Leopards In Sai Darshan

Episode: 311

The New Security Guard

Episode: 312

Aam Ke Daam

Episode: 313

Aam Ki Chori

Episode: 314

Saat Humshakal

Episode: 315

Same But Different

Episode: 316

Khane Ka Apmaan

Episode: 317

Sabka Fridge

Episode: 318

Problems With Food Donation

Episode: 319

Hamari Bhasha

Episode: 320

Shalu's Baby Shower

Episode: 321

Khushi Ka Barometer

Episode: 322

Inter Society Friendly Competition

Episode: 323

The Missing Child

Episode: 324

Passport Found

Episode: 325

Truth About The Missing Child

Episode: 326

Rajesh Accepts All Charges

Episode: 327

Rajesh Helps The Police

Episode: 328

To Keep Or Not To Keep

Episode: 329

Rajesh's Stubble Phase

Episode: 330

Divorce Ki Baat

Episode: 331

Sab Golmaal Hai

Episode: 332

Clearing The Misunderstandings

Episode: 333

Kittu Ki Future Planning

Episode: 334

Baccho Per Bharosa

Episode: 335

Baccho Ki Buri Aadatein

Episode: 336

Next Gen Association

Episode: 337

Atharva's Hunger Strike

Episode: 338

Cycling Challenges

Episode: 339

Bro Ki Chori

Episode: 340

Ramayan Ki Kahani

Episode: 341

Ready For Auditions

Episode: 342

Ramayan Ki Rehearsals

Episode: 343

Gungun Needs A Surgery

Episode: 344

Complication In Gungun's Surgery

Episode: 345

A Doctor's Life

Episode: 346

Irresponsible Social Media Posts

Episode: 347

Bhoot Hai Ya Nahi?

Episode: 348

Paranoia At Sai Darshan Heights

Episode: 349

Sai Darshan Mein Khauf

Episode: 350

Daku Ka Confession

Episode: 351

Srinivas' Birthday Surprise

Episode: 352

Aai Ki Aawaz

Episode: 353

Heeron Ka Raaz

Episode: 354

Badhti Garmi

Episode: 355

Garmi Ki Pareshani

Episode: 356

Sakhi Ka Interview Project

Episode: 357

Pimple Bhagao

Episode: 358

Senior Wagles Ki Mushkil

Episode: 359

Srinivas Ki Boriyat

Episode: 360

Society Redevelopment

Episode: 361

Dinosaur Fossils At Sai Darshan

Episode: 362

Saving Sai Darshan Heights

Episode: 363

Secret Admirer

Episode: 364

Kaun Hai Ye Admirer

Episode: 365

Company Ke Ghulam

Episode: 366

Rajesh And Dakshesh Cuffed

Episode: 367

Ek Saath Meeting

Episode: 368

Rajesh's Meeting In Cuffs

Episode: 369

Kiara Comes Home

Episode: 370

Vandana's Jealousy

Episode: 371

Is Kiara Leaving?

Episode: 372

Senior Wagle's Epiphanies

Episode: 373

Ganda Hai Magar Dhanda Hai

Episode: 374

Ghanshyam Ko Lekar Kya Kiya Jaye?

Episode: 375

Sai Darshan Heights Mei Cigarette Ke Buds

Episode: 376

Cigarette Ka Rahasya

Episode: 377

Kissa Locket Ka

Episode: 378

Retrieving The Locket

Episode: 379

Kittu Ka Admission

Episode: 380

Mission Nimbu Sharbat

Episode: 381

Champa Mausi Aa Rahi Hai

Episode: 382

Champa Mausi Ka Secret

Episode: 383

Champa Mausi Gets Caught

Episode: 384

Beti Bachao

Episode: 385

Happiness Index

Episode: 386

Zindagi Mein Mirch Masala

Episode: 387

Dating Apps

Episode: 388

Kaun Hai Yeh Mystery Man?

Episode: 389

Road Rage

Episode: 390

24 Minutes Ka Hisaab

Episode: 391

Chaand Pe Plot

Episode: 392

Chaand Pe Rehne Ka Sapna

Episode: 393

Radhika Ko Kyun Paise Chahiye?

Episode: 394

Radhika Ne Paise Kisko Diye?

Episode: 395

Rajesh Ka Pehla Pyaar

Episode: 396

Khoye Hue Sapne

Episode: 397

Day Of The Audition

Episode: 398

Andhvishwas Mein Vishwas

Episode: 399

Ghar Pe Party?

Episode: 400

Overprotective Rajesh

Episode: 401

15 Lakh Cash

Episode: 402

Ek Doosre Pe Uthe Sawaal

Episode: 403

Modern Parenting

Episode: 404

Is Atharva Worthy?

Episode: 405

The Lost Romance

Episode: 406

Date Gone Wrong

Episode: 407

Asha Ka Replacement

Episode: 408

Asha Ki Naukri Khatre Mein

Episode: 409

Atharva Ko Attention Chahiye

Episode: 410

Pani Sthir Toh Mann Sthir

Episode: 411

Mausam Ke Maze

Episode: 412

Chai Pakodo Ka Mausam

Episode: 413

Baarish Mein Atki Sakhi

Episode: 414

Sakhi Aur Vivaan Ka Rishta

Episode: 415

Sangat Ka Asar

Episode: 416

Tiwari Ki Takleef

Episode: 417

Kittu Ke Mama

Episode: 418

Kittu Hui Naraaz

Episode: 419

Kittu Opens Up

Episode: 420

Followers Ka Chakkar

Episode: 421

Social Media Ka Bhoot

Episode: 422

Banawati Duniya

Episode: 423

Anjaane Mein Galti

Episode: 424

Share Bazaar Ka Bhoot

Episode: 425

Stocks Mein Invested

Episode: 426

Fayda Ya Loss?

Episode: 427

Dealing With Loss

Episode: 428

Vivaan In The House

Episode: 429

Zimmedari Wali Zindagi

Episode: 430

Paanch Guna Paisa

Episode: 431

ATM Malfunction

Episode: 432

Maike Ki Saree

Episode: 433

Saree Not Allowed

Episode: 434

Saree Ka Mamla

Episode: 435

Sakhi Vs Shaina

Episode: 436

40 Hazaar Ka Pocha

Episode: 437

Top Ko Kaise Bachaye?

Episode: 438

Kab Tak Chupega Sach

Episode: 439

Rinku In Town

Episode: 440

Kisaan Mama Ka Dil

Episode: 441

Behen Ki Shaadi

Episode: 442

Archana Ka Boyfriend

Episode: 443

No Shadi With Dahej

Episode: 444

Archana Ki Shaadi

Episode: 445

Dahej Ke Khilaaf Awaaz

Episode: 446

Acting Ka Mauka

Episode: 447

Ratings Ka Khel

Episode: 448

Kanchan Ki Training

Episode: 449

Kanchan's Decision

Episode: 450

Dry Cleaning Ka Kharcha

Episode: 451

Adult Diaper Ka Kissa

Episode: 452

Life Comes A Full Cycle

Episode: 453

Trekking Trip

Episode: 454

Rajesh Finds Out

Episode: 455

Paris Kaun Jayega?

Episode: 456

Early Retirement

Episode: 457

Asha Ka Gussa

Episode: 458

Asha's Secret

Episode: 459

The Evils Of Child Labour

Episode: 460

Acting Ka Bahana

Episode: 461

Atharva's Healthy Diet

Episode: 462

Gungun Ki Shaadi

Episode: 463

Gungun's Medical Issue

Episode: 464

Changing Harshad's Mind

Episode: 465

Dasani Ki Galti

Episode: 466

Rajesh's New Phone

Episode: 467

Mama Ji Ki Kartoote

Episode: 468

Ek Thank You Ki Value

Episode: 469

Online Scam Ka Shikaar

Episode: 470

Hacker Ka Jaal

Episode: 471

Seminar Ki Taiyaari

Episode: 472

Seminar Ka Surprise

Episode: 473

Patriarchal Mindset

Episode: 474

Memory Game

Episode: 475

Bure Karnamo Ka Bhugtaan

Episode: 476

Padosi Dharam

Episode: 477

Income Tax Raid

Episode: 478

Radhika's Night Out

Episode: 479

Dosti Mein Daraar

Episode: 480

Pair Dabane Ki Chutti

Episode: 481

Panga Pada Mehenga

Episode: 482

Miya Biwi Ka Chakkar

Episode: 483

Rajesh Hua Viral

Episode: 484

World Cup Ka Excitement

Episode: 485

Atharva Ka Raaz

Episode: 486

Atharva's Pakistani Friend

Episode: 487

Dadar Ka Ghar

Episode: 488

Ghar Bechne Ka Tension

Episode: 489

Ghar Ka Sauda

Episode: 490

Ghar Bechne Mein Mushkilein

Episode: 491

Sheeshe Ka Sach

Episode: 492

Dakshesh Ki Bimaari

Episode: 493

Bachho Ke Bina Vacation

Episode: 494

Rajesh And Vandana's Getaway

Episode: 495

Atharva Ki House Party

Episode: 496

Atharva Ki Saza

Episode: 497

Harshad Ke Ghar Renovation

Episode: 498

Rajesh Aur Harshad Ka Jhagda

Episode: 499

The Issue Of Moral Policing

Episode: 500

Malini's Resignation

Episode: 501

Rajesh Ka Anokha Nazariya

Episode: 502

Srinivas Ka Sunehra Bachpan

Episode: 503

Dosto Ka Punar Milan

Episode: 504

Dost Ya Mujrim?

Episode: 505

Rajesh Ki Presentation

Episode: 506

Disciplinary Action

Episode: 507

Arun Ka Admission

Episode: 508

Luxury Ya Necessity?

Episode: 509

Vivaan Ya Arun?

Episode: 510

Purana Pager

Episode: 511

Jyoti Ka Upvaas

Episode: 512

Jyoti Kaha Hai?

Episode: 513

Choro Ki Khoj

Episode: 514

Distracting The Robbers

Episode: 515

Radhika's Twin Sister

Episode: 516

Ruby's Travel Plans

Episode: 517

Radhika Gets Convinced

Episode: 518

Sakhi Dreams Of Being A Journalist

Episode: 519

Sakhi's Dilemma

Episode: 520

A Tough Call For Rajesh

Episode: 521

Rajesh's Goa Plans

Episode: 522

Harshad Ke Ghar Uthal Puthal

Episode: 523

Gaadi Ki Chori

Episode: 524

Search For Rajesh's Car

Episode: 525

Raghu Ka Adda

Episode: 526

Vandana Ko Aya Gussa

Episode: 527

Baccho Ne Li Kitchen Ki Responsibility

Episode: 528

Vandana Ka Gussa Phoota

Episode: 529

Atharva Ko Lagi Chot

Episode: 530

Sahil Ki Pareshania

Episode: 531

Vandana Hui Lapata

Episode: 532

Lift Mein Fasi Vandana

Episode: 533

Sakhi Se Hua Accident

Episode: 534

Sakhi's Lifeguard

Episode: 535

Blackmailer Ki Maangein

Episode: 536

Sakhi's Good Karma

Episode: 537

Paiso Se Bhara Bag

Episode: 538

Asli Chitranjan Shastri Kaun?

Episode: 539

Testing The Fraudsters

Episode: 540

Harshad Ki Aadat

Episode: 541

The Stayover

Episode: 542

Tina Ki Sachchai

Episode: 543

Story Telling Competition

Episode: 544

Kittu Ki Kahaani

Episode: 545

Pani Bachao

Episode: 546

Apne Life Ke Decisions

Episode: 547

Lakhon Ka Nuksaan

Episode: 548

Buri Sangat Ka Asar

Episode: 549

Sakhi's Photoshoot

Episode: 550

Paul's Trap

Episode: 551

Paul Ki Asliyat

Episode: 552

Sakhi Ke Saath Hua Anyaay

Episode: 553

Sakhi's Medical Test

Episode: 554

Sakhi Ki Ladai

Episode: 555

A Soldier's Letter

Episode: 556

Rajesh's New Mission

Episode: 557

Soldier Ki Kahaani

Episode: 558

Asha In Trouble

Episode: 559

Basti Vaalo Ka Haq

Episode: 560

Basti Ki Suraksha

Episode: 561

Flat No 902

Episode: 562

Flat Ka Bhoot

Episode: 563

Srinivas Ka Gussa

Episode: 564

Common Man Ka Contribution

Episode: 565

Srinivas Ki Imaandari

Episode: 566

Election Ka Agenda

Episode: 567

Society Ke Elections

Episode: 568

Srinivas Ki Biography

Episode: 569

Manoj Wagle Ki Kahani

Episode: 570

Harry Ki Chhuthi

Episode: 571

Rajesh Ki Naukri Khatre Mein

Episode: 572

Rajesh Ki Chinta

Episode: 573

Rajesh Ka Dharam Sankat

Episode: 574

Secret Investor

Episode: 575

Cause For Celebration

Episode: 576

Manoj Ki Maa

Episode: 577

Manoj Ka Nazariyaa

Episode: 578

Criminal Dakshesh Joshipura

Episode: 579

Rajesh Ki Pen Drive

Episode: 580

Ateet Ka Naya Kissa

Episode: 581

Tablet Ki Chori

Episode: 582

Manoj Wagle Ki Duniya

Episode: 583

Manoj's Announcement

Episode: 584

Wagle Khandaan Ki Ankahi Kahaniyaa

Episode: 585

Kora Kagaz

Episode: 586

Sakhi's Weight Loss Journey

Episode: 587

Manoj's Valentine's Day Gift

Episode: 588

Manoj Ka Temper

Episode: 589

Decluttering Mission

Episode: 590

Paropkar Ki Deewar

Episode: 591

Wagle Khandaan Ki Darohar

Episode: 592

Manoj Ka Haq

Episode: 593

Manoj's Court Notice

Episode: 594

Ghar Ki Baat

Episode: 595

Rajesh Ka Faisla

Episode: 596

Kaya Palat

Episode: 597

Manoj Ka Plan

Episode: 598

Kabootar Bazi

Episode: 599

Manoj's True Intentions

Episode: 600

Manoj Ka Akelapan

Episode: 601

Naya Competitor

Episode: 602

Manoj Ki Zidd

Episode: 603

Chakor Sharma Ki Kahani

Episode: 604

Scam Ya Sach?

Episode: 605

Rajesh's Emotional Decision

Episode: 606

Manoj's Love Story

Episode: 607

Manoj Ka Adhura Pyaar

Episode: 608

Radhika In Danger

Episode: 609

Saving Radhika

Episode: 610

Holi Party Ka Invitation

Episode: 611

Sai Darshan Ki Holi

Episode: 612

Surprise Surprise

Episode: 613

Character Ki Sahi Pehchaan

Episode: 614

Rajesh Ke Naye Jootey

Episode: 615

Validation Ki Zarurat

Episode: 616

Overtime Ki Bimaari

Episode: 617

Kaunsa Form Bhare?

Episode: 618

Sakhi's Education

Episode: 619

Beti Ki Education Ke Liye Loan

Episode: 620

Radhika Gives Sakhi The Cold Shoulder

Episode: 621

Vivaan Has A Breakdown

Episode: 622

Sakhi Tears Her Offer Letters

Episode: 623

Smart Class Ka Zamana

Episode: 624

Outing Plans

Episode: 625

Vandana's Excruciating Back Pain

Episode: 626

Chaos In The Kitchen

Episode: 627

Infestation Of Termites

Episode: 628

Exposing The Case Of Fraud

Episode: 629

Dakshesh Tightens The Security Norms

Episode: 630

Guest From Japan

Episode: 631

Saare Rules Nikaal Diye

Episode: 632

Purane Daku Ko Wapis Laane Ki Koshish

Episode: 633

Atharva Demands Self-Rule

Episode: 634

Kiara Bani Judge

Episode: 635

Kiara Gives Her Verdict

Episode: 636

Ghar Ka Khana

Episode: 637

Winner Announcement

Episode: 638

Harshad Ka Gussa

Episode: 639

Harshad Aur Jyoti Ke Rishte Ki Baat

Episode: 640

Riti Riwaz Wali Shaadi

Episode: 641

Mehndi Ke Rang Wala Pyaar

Episode: 642

Harshad Aur Jyoti Ki Shaadi

Episode: 643

Rajesh Helps His Friend

Episode: 644

Rajesh Ke Bade Commitments

Episode: 645

Rajesh Takes A Loan

Episode: 646

Galat Insan Ki Madad

Episode: 647

Baccho Ki Jasoosi

Episode: 648

No Air Pollution

Episode: 649

Harshad's Public Display Of Affection

Episode: 650

Character Certificate

Episode: 651

Rajesh Se Sikho

Episode: 652

Rajesh Ka Shak

Episode: 653

Vandana Ka Affair

Episode: 654

Vandana Ka Past

Episode: 655

Atharva Ka Football Selection

Episode: 656

Manoj Ka Risky Challenge

Episode: 657

Atharva's Support System

Episode: 658

Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge

Episode: 659

Manoj Ka Jugadu Idea

Episode: 660

It's Match Day

Episode: 661

Rajesh Gets Emotional

Episode: 662

Do Din Ka Maun Vrat

Episode: 663

Pareshan Pati

Episode: 664

Sahi Raah

Episode: 665

Dubai Trip Ki Charcha

Episode: 666

Loan Ki Charcha

Episode: 667

Investor Ki Gupt Identity

Episode: 668

Astronomer's Prediction

Episode: 669

Sakhi Ki Checklist

Episode: 670

Harshad's Secret Is Out

Episode: 671

Rajesh Ka Resignation

Episode: 672

Dosti Mein Darar

Episode: 673

Dil Ki Khushi

Episode: 674

Bring Back Rajesh

Episode: 675

Risky Dare

Episode: 676

Sakhi In Big Trouble

Episode: 677

Sakhi Gets A Panic Attack

Episode: 678

Sakhi's Time In Lockup

Episode: 679

Asha's Policy Papers

Episode: 680

Bad News For Dilip

Episode: 681

Entrepreneur Atharva

Episode: 682

Atharva's Business Plan

Episode: 683

Padhai Ki Ehemiyat

Episode: 684

Nick Ke Expensive Shoes

Episode: 685

Sakhi's Report

Episode: 686

Sakhi Ki Confusing Report

Episode: 687

Sakhi Takes Care Of Her Friend

Episode: 688

Sakhi Ki Chinta

Episode: 689

Hukum Ka Ikka

Episode: 690

Sakhi Ki Himmat

Episode: 691

Aapki Sakhi

Episode: 692

Confident Jyoti

Episode: 693

Andar Ka Confidence

Episode: 694

Pani Don

Episode: 695

Rajesh Stands Against Pani Tai

Episode: 696

Vandana In Danger

Episode: 697

Paani Re Paani Tera Rang Kaisa?

Episode: 698

Dakshesh Ka Apman

Episode: 699

Dakshesh's Shoeless Journey

Episode: 700

Joota Kisne Maara?

Episode: 701

Vandana The President

Episode: 702

Vandana Ki Pheli Complaint

Episode: 703

Maa Ki Nazar

Episode: 704

Harshad's Ex Lover

Episode: 705

Harshad Ka Affair

Episode: 706

Scam Calls

Episode: 707

Harshad Is Disturbed

Episode: 708

Scam The Scammer

Episode: 709

Rajesh's Foolproof Plan

Episode: 710

Alag Divisions

Episode: 711

Atharva And Vidyut's Protest

Episode: 712

Sakhi Deserves More

Episode: 713

Sabka Favourite Pulkit

Episode: 714

Rajesh Is Fed Up

Episode: 715

Pulkit Ki Kahani

Episode: 716

Rajesh Ki Video Hui Viral

Episode: 717

RJ Raju

Episode: 718

Apka Apna Raju

Episode: 719

Manoj Ka Akelapan

Episode: 720

Maa Baap Se Bichadne Ka Gam

Episode: 721

Rajesh Ka Sacrifice

Episode: 722

Ghar Suna Ho Gaya

Episode: 723

Compatibility Check

Episode: 724

Haunted Ghar

Episode: 725

Chotte Bacche Ka Bhoot

Episode: 726

Badli Hui Sugandh

Episode: 727

Atharva Aur Vidyut Ki Job

Episode: 728

Fraud Atharva

Episode: 729

Srinivas Ke Mann Ki Baat

Episode: 730

Rajesh Ka Kharab Din

Episode: 731

Rajesh's Fortune

Episode: 732

Rajesh Ke Liye Difficult Decision

Episode: 733

Rukne Ke Reasons

Episode: 734

Indore Nahi Jana

Episode: 735

Chawl Ki Buri Condition

Episode: 736

Meeting Mein Dikkat

Episode: 737

Corrupt Builder

Episode: 738

Chawl Ki Barbadi

Episode: 739

Srinivas In Danger

Episode: 740

Manoj Ke Khilaf Proof

Episode: 741