May I Come in Madam?

Mar 07, 2016 (hi) Comedy [20] Min
  • First Air Date
    Mar 07, 2016
  • Production
    Edit II Productions
  • Rotten tomato
  • Original title
    May I Come in Madam?
  • Release
    Mar 07, 2016
  • hi


Sajan Agarwal is mentally tortured by his mother-in-law and Bhupesh. He falls in love with his new boss, Sanjana.

  1. Music Supervisor

  2. Benaifer S. Kohli


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  1. Neha Pendse

    Sanjana Hiteshi

  2. Sandeep Anand

    Saajan Agarwal

  3. Sapna Sikarwar

    Kashmira Agarwal / Kashmira's Grandmother

  4. Anup Upadhyay

    Mr. Chedilal Hiteshi

  5. Shoma Rathod


  6. Saheb Das Manikpuri


  7. Vipin Heroo


  8. Pyaari Rajput


  9. Sumit Arora


Full Casts & Crew

Casts : 9 / Crews : 12

Season 1 ( 2016-03-07)

A young man is dejected after getting constantly browbeaten by his wife. However, he is smitten with his good-looking employer and tries to seek her attention in different ways.

Sajan, Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke

Episode: 1

Sajan Pe Laga Lipstick Ka Nishan

Episode: 2

Sajan Ki Shirt Ban Gayi Musibat

Episode: 3

Sanjana-sajan Lock Lips

Episode: 4

Sanjana's Saadi Pad Gayi Bhaari

Episode: 5

Sanju's 'goonda'wala Fantasy

Episode: 6

Madam De Gayi Gift

Episode: 7

Sajan's 'wet' Dream

Episode: 8

Sajan Ki Baj Gayi Band

Episode: 9

Sajan's Pants Are Off

Episode: 10

Sajan, Caught With Pants Down?

Episode: 11

Holi Ke Rang, Sanjana Ke Sang

Episode: 12

Bhaang, Ladoo Aur Sanjana!

Episode: 13

Sajan Ko Yaad Rahegi Yeh Holi

Episode: 14

Sanjana Decides To Visit Sajan

Episode: 15

Sajan Ki Saas Ne Li Uski Saans

Episode: 16

Sajan-sanjana Chale Date Pe!

Episode: 17

Phas Gaya Re Sajan!

Episode: 18

Sajan Wants To Be Sanjana's Love

Episode: 19

Hot Model Aur Phas Gaya Sajan

Episode: 20

Sanjana Ne Padha Sajan Ka Haath

Episode: 21

Ab Toh Sajan Doob Gaya

Episode: 22

Madam Ne Pehna Swimsuit?

Episode: 23

Sajan Ki Haath Safaai!

Episode: 24

Sajan Is Attacked!

Episode: 25

Sajan's Topless Portrait!

Episode: 26

Sajan Strips For Madam

Episode: 27

Madam Ke Baalon Mein Uljha Sajan

Episode: 28

Will Sajan Get Lucky?

Episode: 29

Sajan Ke Paas Bandook!

Episode: 30

Sajan Joins Madam's Gang

Episode: 31

Sajan Gets Cold Feet

Episode: 32

Sajan Ki Shirt Safed Kaise?

Episode: 33

Saala Pad Gaya Sajan Pe Bhaari

Episode: 34

Sajan Ki Nayi Chaal

Episode: 35

Sajan Wants Madam Ki Sympathy

Episode: 36

Madam Ne Ki Sajan Ki Taarif

Episode: 37

Sanjana's Secret Tattoo

Episode: 38

Kya Sajan Pakda Jaayega?

Episode: 39

Sajan Ke 'model' Sapne

Episode: 40

Sanjana's Night Out With Sajan

Episode: 41

Sapne Sajan Ke!

Episode: 42

Ab Biwi, Madam Saath Mein!

Episode: 43

Kashmira Ne Li Sajan Ki Class

Episode: 44

Sajan, Sanjana Saath Saath!

Episode: 45

Sajan, Sanjana Ka Dostana

Episode: 46

Sajan Ka Naya Affair?

Episode: 47

Khiloni Ki Anokhi Salah

Episode: 48

Sajan Gets Romantic

Episode: 49

Swiss Alps Are Calling Sajan

Episode: 50

Sajan Ki Nayi Mushkil

Episode: 51

Sajan Ke Saath Hua Dhokha

Episode: 52

Sajan Bana Sajni

Episode: 53

Sajan Ko Mila Invitation

Episode: 54

Sanjana, Sajan Are Friends?

Episode: 55

Madam Ne Maangi Sajan Ki Kidney

Episode: 56

Bura Phasa Sajan

Episode: 57

Sajan Ki Anokhi Demand

Episode: 58

Madam Ko Khaana Hai Achaar

Episode: 59

Sajan Ki Khiloni Chachi

Episode: 60

Ab Kya Karega, Sajan?

Episode: 61

Dadi Ne Diya Sajan Ko Order

Episode: 62

Sajan Sirf Sach Bolega

Episode: 63

Kashmira Kholegi Sajan's Raaz

Episode: 64

Sajan Bana Kaam Wali Bai!

Episode: 65

Meet Shanta Lopez!

Episode: 66

Kab Tak Bachega Sajan?

Episode: 67

Chedilal Ki Shaadi Shanta Se?

Episode: 68

Sajan's Madam Gayi Out Of Hand

Episode: 69

Sajan Hypnotises Kashmira

Episode: 70

Kya Bhupesh Ki Lottery Lagegi?

Episode: 71

Sajan Bana Crorepati

Episode: 72

Sajan Ko Mila Thenga

Episode: 73

Meet Janu, Madam's Cousin!

Episode: 74

Kashmira Ka Ban Gaya Janu

Episode: 75

Janu Ne Li Sajan Ki Jaan

Episode: 76

Madam Bheegi Baarish Mein

Episode: 77

Madam Ki Fantasy

Episode: 78

Sajan Baal Baal Bacha?

Episode: 79

Sajan Ka Ujda Chaman!

Episode: 80

Sajan Ko Mili Jadui Dawai

Episode: 81

Sajan Ka Paanv Kabar Mein

Episode: 82

Bhaago Sajan, Bhoot Aaya?

Episode: 83

Sajan Ke Peeche Bhoot?

Episode: 84

Madam High 'spirit' Mein!

Episode: 85

Sajan Ko Mila Johny Se Chutkara

Episode: 86

Sajan Ka Naya Dhong

Episode: 87

Sajan Bana Chaprasi!

Episode: 88

Kya Pakda Jayega Sajan?

Episode: 89

Sajan Bana Madam Ka Chamcha

Episode: 90

It's A Dog's Life For Sajan!

Episode: 91

Madam Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

Episode: 92

Sajan Ne Ki Chori

Episode: 93

Sajan Ne Ki Maang Puri

Episode: 94

Sajan Ban Gaya Love Guru

Episode: 95

Madam Ne Dil Ki Raaz Kholi!

Episode: 96

Phas Gaya Bechara Sajan

Episode: 97

Sajan Hua Badnaam

Episode: 98

Chedi Complains Against Sajan

Episode: 99

Madam Ki Tarkeeb Kaam Ayegi?

Episode: 100

Hum Tum Ek Gufe Mein Phase Ho

Episode: 101

Sanjana Is Pregnant!

Episode: 102

Kashmira Seduces Sajan

Episode: 103

Madam Ne Bataya Kashmira Ko

Episode: 104

Sajan Turns Into A Matchmaker

Episode: 105

Sajan Sedates His Mother-in-law

Episode: 106

Sajan Bana Babysitter!

Episode: 107

Sajan Ka Bachcha Kahan Hai?

Episode: 108

Sajan Ke Peeche Chedi!

Episode: 109

Bhupesh, Madam Saath Saath

Episode: 110

Murda Gayab!

Episode: 111

Murda Gayab!

Episode: 112

Sajan Ka Naya Natak

Episode: 113

Sajan Pe Hua Bhoot Sawar!

Episode: 114

Madam Ka Plan

Episode: 115

The Rajni Fever!

Episode: 116

Sajan Meets Thalaiva!

Episode: 117

Sajan Bana Sanjana Ka Bhai!

Episode: 118

Sanjana Ne Bandhi Sajan Ko Rakhi!

Episode: 119

Sajan Turns Into A Chef!

Episode: 120

Sanjana Ki Lajawab Dishes

Episode: 121

Sajan Banega Krishna Kanhaiya

Episode: 122

Sajan Bana Giridhari!

Episode: 123

Sajan Ka Fitness Mantra

Episode: 124

Sajan Ka Power Yoga

Episode: 125

Sajan Breaks His Arm!

Episode: 126

Sanjana Bani Naagin!

Episode: 127

Sajan Is Scared Of Sanjana

Episode: 128

Sanjana Naagin, Sajan Sapera

Episode: 129

Shak Ke Ghere Mein Sajan

Episode: 130

Sanjana Tricks Her Aunt

Episode: 131

Sajan Bana Madam Ka Dulha

Episode: 132

Sajan Ki Atki Jaan

Episode: 133

Sajan Ne Piya Syrup

Episode: 134

Andher Nagri Mein Sajan

Episode: 135

Sajan Ki Kismat Hi Kharab

Episode: 136

Sajan Ne Kho Di Property

Episode: 137

Sajan's Promise To Sanjana

Episode: 138

Sajan Ne Banaya Plan

Episode: 139

Sajan Bana Shehzada!

Episode: 140

Sajan Ke Rangeen Shauk!

Episode: 141

Dada Ke Chakkar Mein Phasa Sajan

Episode: 142

Sanjana Bani Sajan Ki Gf!

Episode: 143

Sajan Ko Chahiye Sukoon

Episode: 144

Sajan Ko Sona Padega Tent Mein!

Episode: 145

Sanjana Sajan Ke Saath?

Episode: 146

Kashmira Is Anxious!

Episode: 147

Sajan Ne Diya Sanjana Ko Tohfa

Episode: 148

Sajan Ka Tohfa Pad Gaya Mehenga

Episode: 149

Sanjana's Birthday Party

Episode: 150

Sajan, Khiloni Ka Bangkok Trip

Episode: 151

Begani Shaadi Mein Sajan Deewana

Episode: 152

Who Is Dadi's Soulmate?

Episode: 153

Sajan Ne Kheli Nayi Chaal

Episode: 154

Sajan Chala Bangkok?

Episode: 155

Sajan Ki Nayi Chalupanti!

Episode: 156

Sanjana Aurat Nahi Aadmi Hai!

Episode: 157

Sajan Is Confused!

Episode: 158

Shreyas Talpade On The Show

Episode: 159

Kya Sajan Banega Madam Ka Hero?

Episode: 160

Sajan Ko Mila Ek Naya Role

Episode: 161

Sajan Ban Gaya Pregnant

Episode: 162

Sajan Ban Gaya Dadaji!

Episode: 163

Has Sanjana Fired Sajan?

Episode: 164

Sajan Gets His Job Back

Episode: 165

Sajan Sanjana Ka Sticky Affair!

Episode: 166

Sajan Ko Hai Dadi Ka Darr

Episode: 167

Sajan Ke Udd Gaye Tote!

Episode: 168

Sajan Ka Naya Position

Episode: 169

Sajan Chala Dubai!

Episode: 170

Sajan Bana Smuggler

Episode: 171

Sajan Ke Peeche Padi Police!

Episode: 172

Lut Gaya Sajan!

Episode: 173

Sajan Ne Kiya Saas Pe Vaar!

Episode: 174

Phas Gaye Sajan

Episode: 175

Sanjana's Copycat

Episode: 176

Sanjana Is Kidnapped!

Episode: 177

Sajan Is Pregnant?

Episode: 178

Sajan Ki Baj Gayi Band

Episode: 179

Sajan Ki Godh Bharai!

Episode: 180

Madam Bani Gayi Bewdi!

Episode: 181

Sanjana Gets Drunk!

Episode: 182

Sharaabi Sajan!

Episode: 183

Kya Chedi Ko Hua Hai Pyaar?

Episode: 184

Sajan Works Overtime

Episode: 185

Kya Madam Hongi Impress?

Episode: 186

Sanjana's Mysterious Lover

Episode: 187

Sajan Flirts With Sanjana

Episode: 188

Sajan Ke Paas Kaala Dhan!

Episode: 189

Sajan Phir Phans Gaya Re

Episode: 190

Sajan Is In Trouble

Episode: 191

Sajan Ho Gaya Buddha?

Episode: 192

Sajan In A Soup

Episode: 193

Sanjana Ne Maangi Maafi Sajan Se!

Episode: 194

Wajah Tum Ho Cast Visit

Episode: 195

Sajan Ko Hua Sanjana Se Pyaar?

Episode: 196

Sanjana Wants A Massage

Episode: 197

Sajan In A Tight Situation

Episode: 198

Sajan Ki Langdi Chaal

Episode: 199

New Girl In Sajan's Office

Episode: 200

Sajan, Madam Ka Costume Drama

Episode: 201

Sajan Quits His Job!

Episode: 202

Sanjana To Get Married?

Episode: 203

Sanjana To Marry Bhupesh

Episode: 204

Bhupesh Dominates Sanjana

Episode: 205

Sanjana's New Hobby

Episode: 206

Sajan Ka Naya Hobby!

Episode: 207

Sajan Bana Santa Claus!

Episode: 208

Has Santa Arrived?

Episode: 209

Sajan Versus Tarzan!

Episode: 210

Madam Ka Albela Aashiq

Episode: 211

Sanjana Fines Sajan

Episode: 212

Sajan Ne Ki Charity

Episode: 213

Sanjana Steals Kashmira's Shoes!

Episode: 214

Sajan Ke Paas Itne Paise?

Episode: 215

Sajan To Marry Sanjana?

Episode: 216

Sajan Still Loves Kashmira?

Episode: 217

Sajan Ban Gaya Bawarchi

Episode: 218

Phir Phas Gaya Sajan

Episode: 219

Sanjana To Marry Durjan?

Episode: 220

Sajan Ki Ho Gayi Maut?

Episode: 221

Kashmira Banegi Dulhania!

Episode: 222

Sanjana Ya Kashmira?

Episode: 223

Sajan Ki Yaadgaar Date!

Episode: 224

Meet Sajan's Bobby Uncle!

Episode: 225

Bobby Uncle Ne Di Sajan Ko Tension

Episode: 226

Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

Episode: 227

Madam Aur Sajan Honeymoon Pe?

Episode: 228

Sajan And Kashmira Romance!

Episode: 229

Nayi Museebat Sajan Ke Liye?

Episode: 230

Sajan Phasa Apne Dushman Ke Saath

Episode: 231

Sajan Karega Mauja-hi-mauja!

Episode: 232

Sajan Ke Ghar Mein Hungama!

Episode: 233

Kisko Chunega Sajan?

Episode: 234

Sajan Gaya Jail Ke Andar

Episode: 235

Sajan Ke Ud Gaye Tote

Episode: 236

Sajan Ka 'dil' Bigad Gaya

Episode: 237

Sajan Bana Dhongi Baba!

Episode: 238

Chamatkari Baba Sajan!

Episode: 239

Sajan Re Jhooth Mat Bolo

Episode: 240

Radio Bana Sajan Ki Musibat

Episode: 241

Sharp Shooter Sajan!

Episode: 242

Sajan's Valentine's Day Woes

Episode: 243

Madam Ne Sajan Ko Phasaya!

Episode: 244

Sajan Hua Badnaam

Episode: 245

Sajan's New Role

Episode: 246

Sooji In Deep Trouble

Episode: 247

Kashmira, Sooji Amne Samne!

Episode: 248

Sajan Baal Baal Bach Gaya?

Episode: 249

Sajan Khaaega Jail Ki Hawa

Episode: 250

An Apple For Sanjana?

Episode: 251

Sajan, Kashmira In Trouble!

Episode: 252

Sajan Plans A Fake Marriage

Episode: 253

Sanjana Ban Gayi Billi!

Episode: 254

Sanjana Bites Sajan! Meow!

Episode: 255

Sajan Ke Peeche Pada Blackmailer

Episode: 256

Sajan Karega Nanga Naach?

Episode: 257

Bewda Sajan!

Episode: 258

Blackmailer Nikla Baazigar!

Episode: 259

Guinea Pig, Sajan!

Episode: 260

Sajan Ki Chori Pakdi Gayi

Episode: 261

Sajan's Holi Woes

Episode: 262

Kya Sajan Khelega Holi?

Episode: 263

Sajan Ko Bachao!

Episode: 264

Sajan Karega Dhoom Tana Nana

Episode: 265

Sajan Pakdega Bike Chor

Episode: 266

Kya Bhupesh Karega Suicide?

Episode: 267

Sajan Ka Master Plan!

Episode: 268

Sajan Par Emotional Phanda

Episode: 269

Sajan Ki Deewani Sanjana!

Episode: 270

Sajan Wears A Duplicate Belt

Episode: 271

Kashmira, Sanjana Join Hands

Episode: 272

Sajan, Pitne Ke Liye Tayyar?

Episode: 273

Sajan Chala 'amreeka'?

Episode: 274

Sajan Spins A Story

Episode: 275

Sajan Jaayega Amrika?

Episode: 276

Sajan Ki Baji Band

Episode: 277

Sajan Bana Murga

Episode: 278

Sajan Ka Hua Pardafash

Episode: 279

Sajan Fails His Viva Test

Episode: 280

Sajan Tries To Cheat

Episode: 281

Sajan Ne Liya Examiner Se Panga

Episode: 282

Sajan Ban Gaya Gruhini?

Episode: 283

Sajan Has A Plan Too?

Episode: 284

Sanjana Is In Love

Episode: 285

Sanjana Proposes To Khiloni

Episode: 286

Sanjana Reveals The Truth

Episode: 287

Sajan's Credit Card Woes

Episode: 288

Police Question Sajan

Episode: 289

Kashmira Learns The Truth

Episode: 290

Chedi Banega Sajan Ka Dost?

Episode: 291

Sajan At The Receiving End

Episode: 292

Sajan, A French Designer

Episode: 293

Sajan Eyes Kashmira's Designs

Episode: 294

Kashmira Ends Sajan's Drama

Episode: 295

Sajan Aur Uski Shayari

Episode: 296

Sajan Bana Shayar

Episode: 297

Sajan's Exciting Suggestion

Episode: 298

Sajan Ban Gaya Hercules

Episode: 299

Can Kashmira, Sanjana Trap Sajan?

Episode: 300

Sajan Ka Nahana Hua Dushwar!

Episode: 301

Sanjana Ka Swachata Abhiyan

Episode: 302

Bach Ke Rehna, Sanjana!

Episode: 303

Sajan, Sanjana Play Striptease!

Episode: 304

Sajan Turns Into Mrs Tillu

Episode: 305

Sajan Nikla Raj Gharane Ka!

Episode: 306

Ghamandi Sajan Ko Milega Sabak!

Episode: 307

Sanjana Tries To Attack Sajan

Episode: 308

What Happened To Sajan's Face?

Episode: 309

Sajan Drives An Autorickshaw

Episode: 310

Sajan Ka Dream

Episode: 311

Will The Perfume Work?

Episode: 312

Kahan Gaye Sajan Ke Kapde?

Episode: 313

Sajan, Chetan Ki Ladai!

Episode: 314

Sanjana Ko Gussa Kyon Aaya?

Episode: 315

Kya Hain Madam Ki Confessions?

Episode: 316

Sajan, Madam Date Pe?

Episode: 317

Sanjana Is Angry!

Episode: 318

Madam Ne Yeh Kya Bol Diya

Episode: 319

Abhi Na Jao Chod Kar

Episode: 320

Sanjana Slaps Sajan

Episode: 321

Sajan Ban Gaya Khooni!

Episode: 322

Sajan Gets Arrested

Episode: 323

Sajan Is In Jail!

Episode: 324

Sajan Ko Bachane Aayi Sanjana

Episode: 325

Sanjana Ki Pyari Sajan Aunty

Episode: 326

Sajan The Ram Katori Aunty?

Episode: 327

Chedi Hua Ram Katori Ka Deewana

Episode: 328

Ram Katori Is Kidnapped

Episode: 329

Sanjana, Chedi Free Ram Katori

Episode: 330

Kya Sajan Jitega Challenge?

Episode: 331

Sajan, A Money Extorter?

Episode: 332

Sajan, Sanjana In Deep Trouble

Episode: 333

Chedi Lal Plays A Prank

Episode: 334

Sajan Ko Daraye Black Cobra

Episode: 335

Sajan Ko Chahiye Hike

Episode: 336

Sajan Misleads Sanjana

Episode: 337

Kya Kashmira Mar Gayi?

Episode: 338

Sanjana Plans A Big Bash

Episode: 339

Sanjana Ne Sajan Ko Kaata!

Episode: 340

Life Mein Jhinga La La

Episode: 341

Chumma In Sajan's Bedroom

Episode: 342

Jhumma Steals The Show

Episode: 343

Sajan Pretends To Be Dead

Episode: 344

Jungle Mein Hungama

Episode: 345

Sajan Aur Sanjana Ka Romance!

Episode: 346

Sajan, Sanjana Ke Bhaiya?

Episode: 347

Sanjana Ka Sanam Sajan!

Episode: 348

Durjan Desires To Marry Sanjana

Episode: 349

Durjan Abducts Sanjana

Episode: 350

Sanjana Ki Shaadi?

Episode: 351

Sanjana Weds A Dog?

Episode: 352

Sajan Bana Devdas!

Episode: 353

Sanjana’s Engagement Is Called Off

Episode: 354

Sajan Ban Gaya Bhikari

Episode: 355

Khiloni Is Arrested!

Episode: 356

Sajan Ko Dinner Pe Bulaaya Hai

Episode: 357

Sajan Ka Naya Office

Episode: 358

Sajan Gaya Himalaya

Episode: 359

Sanjana Ka Plan

Episode: 360

Sajan Hua Gayab!

Episode: 361

Sajan, Sanjana Aur Barish

Episode: 362

Sajan, Sanjana On An Escapade

Episode: 363

Kashmira Learns About Sajan's Trip

Episode: 364

Sajan Ne Liya Sanyas!

Episode: 365

Yeh Sanjana Ko Kya Hua?

Episode: 366

Sanjana, A Ruthless Boss

Episode: 367

Sajan To Kidnap Sanjana?

Episode: 368

Sanjana Sizzles In A Swimsuit

Episode: 369

Sajan, Sanjana Pool Mein

Episode: 370

Sajan Ka Love Letter!

Episode: 371

Kya Sajan Karega Suicide?

Episode: 372

Sanjana Ka Boss, Sajan!

Episode: 373

Will Sajan Be Released?

Episode: 374

Sajan, Sanjana Ek Kamre Mein

Episode: 375

Kashmira Doubts Sajan

Episode: 376

Tera Kya Hoga Re Sajan?

Episode: 377

Sajan Is Missing Khiloni

Episode: 378

Khiloni To Part With Sajan?

Episode: 379

Sajan Ho Gaya Andha!

Episode: 380

Sajan, Sanjana Aur Woh!

Episode: 381

Sajan Shows His Talent

Episode: 382

Sajan Ko Gussa Kyon Aaya?

Episode: 383

Will Kashmira Divorce Sajan?

Episode: 384

Sajan, Sanjana Ki Khatam Kahani!

Episode: 385

Season 2 ( 2023-09-26)

The new season showcases more antiques of Saajan towards his boss Sanjana and futile attempts of wooing her.

Troubles Continue For Saajan

Episode: 1

Saajan to Wear a Saree?

Episode: 2

Sanjana Terrifies Saajan

Episode: 3

Saajan's Love-Hate Relationship with Gobi Parathas

Episode: 4

Sanjana's Demand Sparks Concern

Episode: 5

Saajan Takes Khiloni's Help

Episode: 6

Saajan Gets Upset

Episode: 7

Chhedi's witty response to Saajan

Episode: 8

Saajan's Drastic Decision

Episode: 9

Saajan's Surgery Mix-Up

Episode: 10

Saajan Earns Affection

Episode: 11

Saajan Gets Into Trouble

Episode: 12

Saajan's Quirky Stiletto Scheme

Episode: 13

Sanjana Makes a Request

Episode: 14

Saajan Pulls Mamaji's Leg

Episode: 15

Saajan on Cloud Nine

Episode: 16

A Shocker for Saajan

Episode: 17

Saajan's Serpent Dilemma

Episode: 18

Saajan Gets Worried

Episode: 19

Sanjana's Shayari for Saajan

Episode: 20

Sanjana at Sajan's Home

Episode: 21

Sajan gets Caught

Episode: 22

Shayari Time with Sajan, Sanjana

Episode: 23

Sanjana's Gift to Sajan

Episode: 24

Chhedi Makes an Offer

Episode: 25

Sanjana Faces a Difficulty

Episode: 26

Sajan in a Pickle

Episode: 27

Sajan in a Difficult Situation

Episode: 28

Sajan Devises A Plan

Episode: 29

Sajan's Plan Backfires

Episode: 30

Kashmira Makes A Fresh Attempt

Episode: 31

Sajan Stays in Sanjana's House

Episode: 32

Sanjana Confronts Sajan

Episode: 33

Sanjana to Visit Sajan's House

Episode: 34

Sanjana's Dream Shocks Sajan

Episode: 35

Sajan is Dumbfounded

Episode: 36

Sajan in a Pickle

Episode: 37

Sanjana's New Product

Episode: 38

Kashmira Executes Her Plan

Episode: 39

Sajan's Smart Act

Episode: 40

Sanjana's Task to Sajan

Episode: 41

Sajan Refuses the Bonus

Episode: 42

Sanjana Seeks Sajan's Help

Episode: 43

Sanjana Faces Trouble

Episode: 44

Sajan Targets Sanjana

Episode: 45

Sanjana Gets Emotional

Episode: 46

Kashmira to Meet Sanjana

Episode: 47

Sajan's Africa Tour?

Episode: 48

Kashmira Devises a Plan

Episode: 49

Sajan's Health Crisis

Episode: 50

Sanjana's Guard Test

Episode: 51

Sanjana Gives Sajan an Order

Episode: 52

Sajan Shoots Chedi

Episode: 53

Sanjana Expresses Her Desire

Episode: 54

Sajan, Sanjana's Forest Trip

Episode: 55

Sajan Is Caught in the Act!

Episode: 56

Sanjana Needs a Change

Episode: 57

Sanjana Dislikes the Painting

Episode: 58

Sajan's Deceptive Scheme

Episode: 59

Sanjana Has a Master Plan

Episode: 60

Sajan's Plan in Jeopardy

Episode: 61

Sajan, Khilawni Get Arrested

Episode: 62

Kashmira's Plan against Sajan

Episode: 63

There’s No Stopping Sajan!

Episode: 64

Kashmira Restricts Sajan

Episode: 65

Chedi Gets Caught

Episode: 66

Ramvati Confesses Her Feelings

Episode: 67

Kashmira's Nightmare

Episode: 68

Sajan, Sanjana Commit a Blunder

Episode: 69

Sajan Receives a Threat Call

Episode: 70

Sajan's Frightening Encounter

Episode: 71

Chedi, Ramvati's Affair is Exposed

Episode: 72

Chedi, Ramvati Get Engaged!

Episode: 73

Sajan, Sanjana's Tense Standoff

Episode: 74

Sajan Grows Dubious

Episode: 75

Khilawni, the Culprit?

Episode: 76

Chedi Gets Confused

Episode: 77

Its Ramvati's Birthday

Episode: 78

Chedi in Danger!

Episode: 79

Kashmira Hatches a Plan

Episode: 80

Chedi's True Colors Unveiled

Episode: 81

Bhupesh Gets Caught

Episode: 82

Sajan Helps Kashmira

Episode: 83

Ramvati Confronts Chedi

Episode: 84

The Masked Man Gets Caught

Episode: 85
Mar 07, 2016 (hi)
[20] Min
  • First Air Date Mar 07, 2016
  • Production
    Edit II Productions
  • Rotten tomato 80%
Original Title May I Come in Madam?


Sajan Agarwal is mentally tortured by his mother-in-law and Bhupesh. He falls in love with his new boss, Sanjana.

  1. Music Supervisor

  2. Benaifer S. Kohli