Karmaphal Daata Shani

Nov 07, 2016 (hi) Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama [0] Min
  • First Air Date
    Nov 07, 2016
  • Production
    Swastik Productions
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  • Original title
    कर्मफल दाता शनि
  • Release
    Nov 07, 2016
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The story of the series is based on the life of God Shani, who is known for his wrath. The serial also shows Vishnu and Shiva as Shani's mentors. It also shows Shani's tough childhood, getting the rank of Karmafaldaata, downfall, return to Suryalok, marriage, getting his wife's curse and finally his return as Karmfaldaata.

  1. Music Supervisor

  2. Producer

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  1. Rohit Khurana


  2. Kartikey Malviya

    Young Shani

  3. Juhi Parmar

    Saranyu / Sandhyadevi / Chhayadevi

  4. Tarun Khanna

    Shiva / Mahadev

  5. Tina Datta


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Season 1 ( 2016-11-07)

Amongst the millions of deities worshiped in India, there is one who is most feared. One who strikes a merciless balance between good and evil and makes us realise the cycle of Karma. This is the story of the most revered planet of the zodiac and the Lord of Justice, Shani. What gives Shani his powers and makes his vengeance so potent? Find out with this mythological TV series that's sure to be an audience favourite.

The birth of Shani!

Episode: 1

The lord of justice is named Shani!

Episode: 2

Shani: The keeper of justice

Episode: 3

Shani wants answers

Episode: 4

The duel between Shani and the demon!

Episode: 5

Shani defeats the demon

Episode: 6

Shani accepts Kakor as his 'Vahan'

Episode: 7

Yama and Yami follow Chaya

Episode: 8

Shani declines the demon's request

Episode: 9

Shani enters Suryalok!

Episode: 10

Yama attacks Shani!

Episode: 11

Shani shocked by the truth

Episode: 12

Shani plans to confront Suryadev

Episode: 13

Shani enters Suryamahal

Episode: 14

Indradev and Guru Shukracharya join forces!

Episode: 15

Yama plans his revenge on Shani

Episode: 16

Chhaya reveals the truth before Vishwakarma

Episode: 17

Shani meets his grandfather, Vishwakarma

Episode: 18

The biggest revelation!

Episode: 19

Shani lifts the sceptre!

Episode: 20

Shani refuses to leave his mother!

Episode: 21

Shani's righteousness gets him into a fix

Episode: 22

Chhaya finds out about her fate

Episode: 23

Shani to choose between Chhaya and justice

Episode: 24

Justice at stake!

Episode: 25

Shani passes his judgement on Indradev

Episode: 26

Indradev promises to seek revenge

Episode: 27

Indradev puts forth a proposal for Shani

Episode: 28

It's Shani versus Yama

Episode: 29

Shani and Yama reach Indralok

Episode: 30

Is Shani's life at risk?

Episode: 31

Is Shani in trouble?

Episode: 32

Shani has to make a tough decision

Episode: 33

Shani takes a drastic decision

Episode: 34

Shani's journey to Mount Kailash

Episode: 35

Will Shani meet Mahadev?

Episode: 36

Shani meets Lord Vishnu

Episode: 37

Lord Vishnu impressed by Shani's wisdom

Episode: 38

Shani finally meets Mahadev

Episode: 39

Shani's final plea to Mahadev

Episode: 40

Sangya wants Chhaya out of Suryalok

Episode: 41

Will Shani be deprived of maternal love?

Episode: 42

Vishwakarma's stern warning to Sangya

Episode: 43

Shukracharya's shocking announcement

Episode: 44

Shani takes a stand for the Asuras!

Episode: 45

Chhaya accepts Sangya's challenge!

Episode: 46

Sangya and Indradev join forces!

Episode: 47

Sangya falls into her own trap

Episode: 48

Suryadev is furious with Shani's absence

Episode: 49

A Battle of Logic

Episode: 50

Mahadev praises Shani's opinion

Episode: 51

Shani is blamed for Yam's banishment

Episode: 52

Shani thrown out of Suryalok!

Episode: 53

Shani comes to Yama's rescue

Episode: 54

Shani fails to protect Yama

Episode: 55

Suryadev unleashes his fury

Episode: 56

The truth behind Yama's death is revealed

Episode: 57

Chhaya learns about Shani's powers

Episode: 58

Sangya and Indradev conspire against Shani

Episode: 59

Shani challenges Indradev

Episode: 60

Shani worries about his mother

Episode: 61

Chhaya sacrifices her life for Shani

Episode: 62

Indradev is dethroned!

Episode: 63

Shani confronts Sangya

Episode: 64

Sangya punishes her father

Episode: 65

Shani learns the truth!

Episode: 66

Shani is cursed by Sangya!

Episode: 67

Shani leaves Suryalok

Episode: 68

Will Shani be safe in his new abode?

Episode: 69

What are Raahu's motives?

Episode: 70

Raahu and Indradev join forces

Episode: 71

Shani takes on the avatar of Dandnayak

Episode: 72

Shani punishes Yama and Indradev

Episode: 73

Shani declares war against the Devas

Episode: 74

Shani and Suryadev at war!

Episode: 75

Sangya decides to seek revenge from Shani

Episode: 76

Shani refuses to meet Mahadev

Episode: 77

Shani fights with Shukracharya

Episode: 78

Shani faces Mahadev's wrath

Episode: 79

Is this the end of Shani?

Episode: 80

Shani is enlightened

Episode: 81

Will Shani succeed in his mission?

Episode: 82

Will Shani find Mahadev?

Episode: 83

Will Shani save Mahadev's life?

Episode: 84

Shani's pursuit of Mahadev ends

Episode: 85

Mahadev's lesson to Shani

Episode: 86

Shani uses his Vakradrishti on his father

Episode: 87

Shani turns Yama against Suryadev

Episode: 88

The blame is on Shani!

Episode: 89

Shani stands up for Yami

Episode: 90

Will Shani accept Suryadev's challenge?

Episode: 91

Will Shani apologise to Suryadev?

Episode: 92

Shani threatens Raahu

Episode: 93

Has Shani's Vakradrishti failed?

Episode: 94

Shani's race against time

Episode: 95

A new challenge for Shani

Episode: 96

Does Shani have a plan up his sleeve?

Episode: 97

Will Yami pay heed to Shani's words?

Episode: 98

Will Chandradev be exposed?

Episode: 99

Suryadev is in a dilemma

Episode: 100

Shani sets out to destroy Chandradev

Episode: 101

Shani rescues Yami

Episode: 102

Shani punishes Chandradev

Episode: 103

Shani does justice to Yami

Episode: 104

Raahu declares war on Shani

Episode: 105

Shani figures out Raahu's evil plan

Episode: 106

Shani confronts Indradev

Episode: 107

Can Shani put a stop to Raahu's vicious plan?

Episode: 108

Shani loses his powers

Episode: 109

A war like never before

Episode: 110

Will Shani fulfil Raahu's wish?

Episode: 111

Raahu gets furious with Shani

Episode: 112

Devas and the Asuras reach an agreement

Episode: 113

The collaborative efforts pay off

Episode: 114

Will Shani consume the Mahavish?

Episode: 115

Shani faces Mahakali's wrath!

Episode: 116

Asuras in possession of the Amrit

Episode: 117

Devas receive the Amrit

Episode: 118

Raahu is beheaded

Episode: 119

Shani is held guilty

Episode: 120

Brothers at war

Episode: 121

Devas declare war on Shani!

Episode: 122

Mahadev saves Shani from Vishnu's wrath!

Episode: 123

Suryadev disowns Shani

Episode: 124

Shani arrives in Manushyalok

Episode: 125

Shani defends Harishchandra

Episode: 126

Shani advises a heartbroken Harishchandra

Episode: 127

From royalty to rubble

Episode: 128

Shani battles Brahmarakshas

Episode: 129

Shani and Sangya in conflict

Episode: 130

Shani is given an ultimatum

Episode: 131

Shani bears the pain of human suffering

Episode: 132

Harishchandra curses Shani!

Episode: 133

Sangya's plan to evade Shani's Vakradrishti

Episode: 134

Shani lets Sangya off!

Episode: 135

Shani chooses Chhaya over his duty

Episode: 136

Will Chhaya sacrifice herself for Shani?

Episode: 137

Chhaya's move to provoke Shani!

Episode: 138

Shani watches Chhaya suffer

Episode: 139

Will Shani finally use his Vakradrishti on Sangya?

Episode: 140

Shani puts forth a new condition

Episode: 141

Shani beams his Vakradrishti towards Sangya

Episode: 142

Sangya faces Dandnayak Shani!

Episode: 143

Shani torments Sangya with haunting illusions

Episode: 144

Sangya is abandoned!

Episode: 145

Shani creates powerful illusions for Sangya

Episode: 146

Shani appeals to Suryadev

Episode: 147

Sangya's plan to destroy Shani

Episode: 148

Shukracharya and Suryadev in conflict

Episode: 149

Suryadev faces Mahadev's wrath!

Episode: 150

Shani pleads for his father's life

Episode: 151

Sangya faces Shani's judgement

Episode: 152

Sangya faces judgement for her sins!

Episode: 153

Brahmadev warns Shani!

Episode: 154

Sangya learns about Shani's weakness!

Episode: 155

Shani struggles to breathe!

Episode: 156

The force behind Shani's weakness is released!

Episode: 157

The unleashed force overpowers Shani!

Episode: 158

Sangya's sinister plan

Episode: 159

Shani faces Brahmadev's rage!

Episode: 160

Shani unleashes his Vakradrishti on Brahmadev!

Episode: 161

Indradev betrays Shani!

Episode: 162

The Asuras join forces with Shani!

Episode: 163

Shani is defeated!

Episode: 164

Sangya takes over Suryalok!

Episode: 165

Shani escapes from captivity!

Episode: 166

Neelima offers her powers to Shani!

Episode: 167

Shani in a great dilemma!

Episode: 168

Shani enraged by Vinayak's arrogance!

Episode: 169

Shani faces Parvati's wrath

Episode: 170

Ganesha is born

Episode: 171

Shani to punish Indradev!

Episode: 172

Shani in conflict with his parents!

Episode: 173

Indradev's plan to exact revenge

Episode: 174

Sangya returns to Suryalok!

Episode: 175

Suryadev's life in danger!

Episode: 176

The birth of Hanuman!

Episode: 177

Hanuman threatens Shani

Episode: 178

Shani takes on Hanuman

Episode: 179

Indradev's new ally!

Episode: 180

Indradev's cunning new plan!

Episode: 181

Will Shani and Hanuman join forces?

Episode: 182

Hanuman to rescue the twins!

Episode: 183

Can Shani prove the identity of the twins?

Episode: 184

Will Suryadev accept the twins as his own?

Episode: 185

Can Hanuman prove his worth?

Episode: 186

Shani's last resort

Episode: 187

Shani presents the Pratyaksha Pramaan

Episode: 188

Suryadev accepts Hanuman

Episode: 189

Shani receives the Ashta Siddhi

Episode: 190

Shani faces Raahu and Ketu!

Episode: 191

Hanuman and Shani in conflict!

Episode: 192

Shani's new enemy!

Episode: 193

Simhika imprisons Chhaya

Episode: 194

Shani and Hanuman visit Patallok!

Episode: 195

Shani faces Simhika's wrath!

Episode: 196

Shani surrenders to Simhika!

Episode: 197

Shani falls deeper into Simhika's trap!

Episode: 198

Simhika's sinister plan

Episode: 199

Simhika summons the evil Makrasur

Episode: 200

Simhika's shocking new demand!

Episode: 201

Simhika targets Yama and Suryadev!

Episode: 202

Can Shani save Devi Sangya?

Episode: 203

Simhika demands the Sudarshana Chakra

Episode: 204

Simhika furious with Raahu

Episode: 205

Simhika loses her power!

Episode: 206

The worst is not over for Shani

Episode: 207

Indradev's plan bears fruit

Episode: 208

Devi Sangya and Indradev manipulate Hanuman

Episode: 209

Will Shani listen to Hanuman?

Episode: 210

Shani and Hanuman battle it out

Episode: 211

Shani's death is near!

Episode: 212

Hanuman decides to save Shani

Episode: 213

Will Mahadev reveal the truth?

Episode: 214

Shani vs the immortal demon!

Episode: 215

The trio overcome Musak

Episode: 216

Can Shani save a pregnant Chhaya?

Episode: 217

Devi Sangya kills Chhaya

Episode: 218

Shani's sister is born

Episode: 219

Indradev makes new allies

Episode: 220

The almighty demon takes form

Episode: 221

Bhadra to kill Chhaya?

Episode: 222

Shani's undying love for Bhadra!

Episode: 223

Chhaya is injured!

Episode: 224

Bhadra to leave Suryalok?

Episode: 225

Will Suryadev kill Bhadra?

Episode: 226

Shani's shocking decision!

Episode: 227

Shani and Bhadra leave Suryalok

Episode: 228

Bhadra is in danger

Episode: 229

Indradev and Raahu face Shani's wrath

Episode: 230

Will Bhadra leave Shani?

Episode: 231

Chhaya in Sangya's trap!

Episode: 232

Sangya impersonates Chhaya!

Episode: 233

Bhadra wreaks havoc in Suryalok

Episode: 234

Shani vows to find the culprit

Episode: 235

Sangya manipulates Bhadra

Episode: 236

Shani realises the truth

Episode: 237

Shani defies Mahadev

Episode: 238

Sangya executes her sinister plan!

Episode: 239

Hanuman's life in danger!

Episode: 240

Shani to sacrifice his friendship?

Episode: 241

Matang Rishi curses Hanuman

Episode: 242

Will Chhaya sacrifice herself?

Episode: 243

Bhadra fights Shani

Episode: 244

Will Bhadra realise the truth?

Episode: 245

Will Shani kill Bhadra?

Episode: 246

Is this the end of Bhadra?

Episode: 247

Chhaya wants Shani to kill her!

Episode: 248

Sangya in Shani's death grip

Episode: 249

Shani relieved from his duty

Episode: 250

Shani forsakes his vows

Episode: 251

Will Shani reveal himself?

Episode: 252

Parvati is furious!

Episode: 253

Yam and Mangal's conflict!

Episode: 254

Indradev wants Suryadev's throne

Episode: 255

Shani returns to Suryalok!

Episode: 256

Shani claims the throne!

Episode: 257

Vishwakarma calls for a battle

Episode: 258

The battle for the throne!

Episode: 259

Shani battles Budha!

Episode: 260

Shani emerges victorious

Episode: 261

Will Chandradev stop Shani?

Episode: 262

Is Shani dead?

Episode: 263

Shani vs Raahu and Mangal

Episode: 264

Will Mahakaali spare Shani?

Episode: 265

Mahakaali's offer to Shani

Episode: 266

The return of Suryadev!

Episode: 267

Parvati seeks Shani's help!

Episode: 268

A mystery woman in Suryalok!

Episode: 269

Shani shows support for Chhaya

Episode: 270

Mangal convinces Suryadev

Episode: 271

Ravan's eternal wish!

Episode: 272

Ravan challenges Shani!

Episode: 273

Shani meets younger Shani!

Episode: 274

Shani's plan to stop Ravan

Episode: 275

Ravan to lift the Kailash mountain!

Episode: 276

Dhamini in a tough situation

Episode: 277

Shani insults Damini

Episode: 278

Ravan threatens Shani again!

Episode: 279

Ravan journeys with Mahadev!

Episode: 280

Damini and Indradev's raging conflict!

Episode: 281

Narayan tries to stop Ravan

Episode: 282

Ravan is infuriated

Episode: 283

Shani rescues Dhamini

Episode: 284

Dhamini opts for Shani's help!

Episode: 285

Dhamini in a dilemma!

Episode: 286

Shani comes to Dhamini's aid!

Episode: 287

Shani proves Indradev guilty!

Episode: 288

Indradev plans to foil the swayamvar!

Episode: 289

Dhamini's swayamvar commences!

Episode: 290

Indradev seeks revenge!

Episode: 291

Raahu hypnotises Dhamini's father!

Episode: 292

Indradev subdues Shani!

Episode: 293

The birth of a new relationship?

Episode: 294

Dhamini's shocking decision!

Episode: 295

Dhamini to marry Yama?

Episode: 296

Why is Vishwakarma furious?

Episode: 297

Shani questions Rahu

Episode: 298

Dhamini begins her performance

Episode: 299

Will Indradev honour Dhamini?

Episode: 300

Chhaya makes a shocking decision!

Episode: 301

Shani wants to marry Dhamini

Episode: 302

No love for Dhamini

Episode: 303

Shani to fall into Yama's trap?

Episode: 304

Mangal reveals his true intentions

Episode: 305

Will Indradev be exposed?

Episode: 306

Shani and Dhamini's marriage

Episode: 307

Shani and Dhamini's wedding

Episode: 308

A sacrifice for marriage?

Episode: 309

Shani and Dhamini face a hurdle

Episode: 310

Dhamini loses her cool!

Episode: 311

Dhamini curses Shani!

Episode: 312

Indradev disguises as Shani

Episode: 313

Dhamini in a dilemma

Episode: 314

Dhamini's promise to Shani

Episode: 315

Indradev wants revenge

Episode: 316

Shani to punish Mangal?

Episode: 317

Shani returns to Talatal

Episode: 318

Shani attacks Dhamini

Episode: 319

Will Shani kill Mangal?

Episode: 320

Dhamini decides to save Shani

Episode: 321

Dhamini gets a clue

Episode: 322

Shani turns Ravan into ashes!

Episode: 323

Ravan threatens Shani

Episode: 324

Dhamini's big revelation

Episode: 325

Dhamini is in grave danger!

Episode: 326

Shani uncovers Ravan's plan

Episode: 327

Shani complies with Ravan's demand

Episode: 328

Shani to capture Suryadev?

Episode: 329

Hanuman turns against Shani

Episode: 330

Who's Dhamini's saviour?

Episode: 331

The return of Hanuman!

Episode: 332

Will Chandradev help Shani?

Episode: 333

Hanuman to battle Shani!

Episode: 334

Hanuman overpowers Shani

Episode: 335

Shani warns Indradev

Episode: 336

Shani acquires the Navagraha!

Episode: 337

Ravan enslaves Shani

Episode: 338

Hanuman to Shani's rescue

Episode: 339

Shani falls unconscious!

Episode: 340

Shani recollects the past

Episode: 341

Suryalok prepares for war!

Episode: 342

Mahadev stops Ravan's attack

Episode: 343

Ravan reveals his secret power

Episode: 344

A fateful confrontation

Episode: 345

Shani, the Karamphaldata

Episode: 346
Nov 07, 2016 (hi)
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
[0] Min
  • First Air Date Nov 07, 2016
  • Production
    Swastik Productions
  • Rotten tomato 0%
Original Title कर्मफल दाता शनि


The story of the series is based on the life of God Shani, who is known for his wrath. The serial also shows Vishnu and Shiva as Shani's mentors. It also shows Shani's tough childhood, getting the rank of Karmafaldaata, downfall, return to Suryalok, marriage, getting his wife's curse and finally his return as Karmfaldaata.

  1. Music Supervisor

  2. Producer