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'Music Bank' NCT127 won the 1st trophy in the fourth week of March as a 'hero'

On the 27th, KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' was ranked first. As the No. 1 candidate for the fourth week in March, 'ON' of BTS and 'Hero' of NCT127 rose side by side, and NCT127 took the first place. NCT127, who received the trophy, said "Asa" and was proud of the No. 1 joy. Next, he encouraged, "My team worked so hard." Doyoung said, "We want to see Sisni soon. Everyone who is watching TV wants to be healthy."   NCT127's No. 1 song 'Hero' is a song with the message 'Let's overcome and overcome trauma' in lyrics. The members who took first place were applauded for their sexy performances that they had promised. 
On the other hand, Ong Sung-woo and Kang Daniel's comeback stage was also released. First, Ong Sung-woo released 'GUESS WHO' and the title song 'Gravity'. In addition to decorating a witty and witty stage, she was also applauded for her emotional performance in the title song 'Gravity'. Ong Sung-woo's title song 'Gravity' is a song about new courage and attraction that appeared to me while wandering in vain.  Following this, Kang Daniel also showed off 'Jealous' and '2U' stages. Kang Daniel, who showed the musicians on stage for a long time, caught the eye with his unchanging stage manners. In particular, in '2U', the fans' hearts were thrilled with visuals and performances that contained the freshness of spring. Meanwhile, on 'Music Bank', about U (Aubachu), DONGKIZ, ITZY, K Tigers Zero, MCND, NCT 127, VICTON (Bigton), Kang Daniel, Dreamcatcher, Jangsa, Alexa, Ellis (ELRIS), Yeji ( YEZI), Ong Sung-woo, ONEUS, KISUM, and Hong Eun-ki.